Emergency 2012 Patch v2.0


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The game world of Emergency 2012 is a complex simulation which allows for unforeseen events and various approaches to a solution. Try this update and improve your gameplay, while making the action more enjoyable.
What's New in this patch:

• NEW: lobby screen now remembers the last to registered player names.
• NEW: TAB opens now use the list in Free Play.
• NEW: Fire progress indicators can now be turned off using% button on the keypad.
• NEW: prompt when overwriting savegames.
• FIXED: Tutorial: police blocked vehicle and paramedics
• FIXED: Hamburg: Objective, "Save people from skyscraper rooftops" is not updated
• FIXED: sabotaged vehicles can not be purchased new
• FIXED: Multiplayer: police drone is presented as a "foreign" on minimap
• FIXED: Mission Completed as Athens will never be displayed
• FIXED: RTW go backwards from the MP HQ terrain snow
• FIXED: There is a place where the medics can not move snow MP
• FIXED: Innsbruck: destroyed salvage vehicle shall be counted as a loss during the avalanche and leads to the mission abort
• FIXED: After sabotaging RTWs with victims, this is in the air
• FIXED: Snow Multiplayer: Rabies starts won
• FIXED: Chat History does not delete MP LAN

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