Europa Universalis III: In Nomine


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Changes for Europa Universalis III: In Nomine v3.1

Gameplay Balancing

- Added new spy actions 'sponsor_patriots', 'sponsor_nationalists' and
- Implemented a system for events to be called when going left or right on a
policy slider, including dozens of events.

- Updated accepted culture gain/loss to disregard cultures in the group of a
union tag (there is no need for special acceptance.)
- Prestige from battles is now capped.
- Reduced the prestige-hit from cores getting lost to -10.
- Increased impact of prestige slightly.
- There is no longer any prestige gains from fighting pirates, natives or
- There is now a monthly hit for each uncostested core at about 0.3% yearly.
- Reduced time-delay of changing policies dramatically.
- Fixed an exploit with changing leaders in hostile territory.
- Forcelimits are now rounded down properly.
- Tribal Federations can't have a higher centralization value than 2
- Countries with a Republican Dictatorship can't form royal marriages anymore
- The 'Excommunication' triggered modifier is no longer applied to non-Catholic
countries, even if their ruler has been excommunicated (through a personal
- The bonus for Absolute Monarchy is now 5% discipline instead of lowered war
- Uncontested core status is now refreshed properly when a core is expired.
- Tweaked down probabilities of unions, succession wars and inheritances.

- Implemented support in code for pirates/rebels/natives units to be friendly
to a country.
- Commisioning privateers will now create privateers that are friendly to you
and won't blockade your ports or attack your ships, but create havoc for
everyone else.
- Pirates & Rebels get tech research again now.
- Privateers now give their money to their sponsor.

- Costs for provincial spy-actions are now scaled with the tax-value of the
target province.
- Spy Efficiency now affects spy action success instead of just discovery.
- Spy discovery chance is now based on prestige and badboy.
- You now get a CB on anyone doing spy actions on you and getting discovered
with it in multiplayer.

- Newly formed rebel states will now get a guarantee and good relations with
their sponsor from the start.
- Warnings and Guarantees now changes relations a little bit when done.
- Patriot rebels no longer add cores to provinces they take.
- Smaller rebel forces spawn on islands.
- Defection of the last province of a country should now result in a proper
- Patriot rebels failing to move from a "friendly" province should now
- Rebels now use combat abilities of their origin province's owners tech.
- Peasant and Heretic rebel controlled provinces can now defect after 10
- Increased defection delays of rebels.
- Rebel defection is no longer possible to overseas countries, unless the
province neighbors their territory.
- Colonial rebels are no longer possible before 1750.
- Doubled the defection delay (now 36 months) for colonial rebel types.
- Religious and heretic rebels can no longer enforce their demands on the Papal
- Normal nationalist rebels can no longer seek independence for colonial tags,
preventing any kind of unhistorical early colonial rebellion.
- Rebel armies now use the new friend system for their units, if they are of a
defector type.
- Rebels will no longer lose control of occupied provinces when their last army
- Throne pretender rebels are now more keen on taking the capital province.
- No longer possible to negotiate with rebels that are willing to negotiate but
unable to enforce their demands.

- The emperors bonus is now only adapted after the start of the game, so
starting troops will not be insanely large.
- New HRE elections are now properly held when the previous emperor dies, no
matter how it happens (through events etc.)
- It is now much less likely for the HRE to go above 7 electors.
- HRE electors will now vote for themselves if at least one other elector is
also voting for them.

- Sieges should no longer reset if someone in the war makes a separate peace.
- There is now a cap on prestige from a single battle, no matter how
- Reworked naval combat a bit, and morale hits are bigger than strength damage
each round.
- Going over force limits is now a bit more costly. (It now increases by the
percentage above it, not percentage of units above)
- Going above naval force limits increases costs of ships.

- Wine is now more valuable.
- Population impact on production values is now capped at 100k for 100% bonus,
and is only applied in non-overseas provinces.
- Each base-tax value increases production income base by 5% in a non overseas
- Decreased base income on tariffs to take vice-roys and naval to get it up to
about 100%.
- Starting fleets are now adapted to the need for tariffs.
- Adjusted the 'has_coastal_center_of_trade' and 'has_inland_center_of_trade'
- Stagnation now actually works on Centers of Trade.
- It is no longer possible to create a CoT adjacent to another CoT.
- Small cot's are now far more likely to close down due to stagnation.
- Fixed a problem where two countries could get a monopoly in the same CoT.

- Declaring war, demanding vassalization/annexation & claiming thrones on
someone in the HRE will now reduce relation with all other HRE members.
- You can now declare war on vassals and lesser partners in personal unions.
The overlord will always be called in. Declining the call results in the end of
the vassalization or union.
- Alliances between two players will not auto disband because relation is <0.
- Junior partners in PUs can no longer be targeted for excommunication.
- Alliances are now broken if two countries go into a succssion war against
each other.
- All alliances are now broken when a country joins a union.
- Annexations now give control of provinces to the current occupier if they got
a core, which is needed in revolutionary wars.
- Allies are called in for all defensive wars, even if the ally has not
discovered the provinces of the attacker.
- Joining a war now properly cancels all alliances, warnings and guarantees
with everyone you fight with.
- Nations fighting a war together can not be called as allies into war against
each other.
- Truce dates are now originating properly from the end of the war.

- Warexhaustion from blockades now depend on size of homearea much more.
- War exhaustion now increases cost of stability by 5% for each step.
- War exhaustion no longer impacts on morale of troops, but increase recruit
speed dramatically.
- Each war-exhaustion now increases revolt risk by 0.5 instead of +1.
- Slightly increased the effect of WE on war capacity.
- Added default peacetime war exhaustion decrease (-1 per year of peace).
- You now take the WE hit for attrition on other countries territories when at

- Warscore from blockades on allies are now scaled the same way as everything
- Blockading occupied provinces no longer affects the war score.
- You can now also demand provinces belonging to vassals and lesser personal
union partners in a separate peace with their overlord.
- Peace Offers: You can now demand the last province of a lesser partner in a
personal union, like you can with vassals.
- Rebalanced costs of peace a bit , so that for a large country, demanding 100
WS is maximum 25% of the country.
- Peacescores are now scaled to importance for country.
- Religion, Culture and Core status now affects the peacecosts of a province.
- Revolts are more likely to happen when you refuse a good peace offer.
- It is no longer possible to demand more gold than what a country has in its
- Declining a stability hitting peace offer now also reduces your prestige.
- Can now demand more than one vassal capital province in the peace view.
- The "stability hit" threshold on a peace offer is now reduced by the
war-exhaustion of the target.

- Tropical now have severe impacts on income from a province.
- Halved the colonial growth penalties from tropical provinces and natives to
correspond to the new colonial growth rate.
- Rebalanced colonial range to be lower before 1500.
- Non-Accepted culture provinces are now -30% on manpower instead of -50%.
(Same as tax is).
- There is now a random chance of discovering unknown provinces neighboring
your cities.
- You can now correctly send missionaries to provinces that are constructing
troops or ships.
- Overseas territories will no longer be the home of the counter-reformation.

Interface Enhancements

- Players can now freely edit the names of their provinces in the province
- Now possible to change the name of province capitals.
- Added an indicator for when a province will become a core province.

- The displayed supply limit is now rounded the same way in the unit tooltip
and province view.
- Added an explanation of union tags to the culture tooltip in the country view
and diplomacy view.
- Added a tooltip to the FoG in the game setup view.
- The inaugeration date for foreign monarchs is now shown in a tooltip.
- Added missing tooltips for the Cancel Alliance diplomatic action.
- Added a missing tooltip to the Propose Alliance action.
- The inflation tooltip in the treasury slider is now color-coded.
- Corrected the tooltip for Marketplaces.

- Added a province decision page to the ledger.
- Added a ledger page listing all previous emperors of the HRE.

- Added a new message type, for the senior country when a junior partner ends a
personal union.
- Added a separate message for when you cancel the military access given to you
by another nation.
- Added a separate message for when succession wars involving the player break
out (the text is the same though.)
- Added a message for when your enemies accept peace with another country.
- Changed the default for the message when a personal union ends so it's a
- Zooming in on newly independent countries from the message will now always
target the correct capital province.
- The self-sustaining colony message now pops up from event effects too.

- The actual name of the Holy Roman Emperor is now show in the HRE view.
- Shortened the length of the leader text field in the unit view.
- Made more room for the ruler name and changed the formatting in the game
setup view.
- Added spy efficiency and defense to the spy view.
- Rearranged some text fields in the province panel.

- Your own preferred unit types will now be listed first in the army build
- Rebel factions now get their appropriate unit sprites.
- Missionary maintenance is now correctly added to the topbar gold tooltip.
- Missionary maintenance is now correctly included in the sum of expenses in
the economy view.
- Truce expiry alerts are now shown with dates, like CB expiry.
- Made more room for advisor names.
- Shortened the Outliner a bit so it doesn't hide the Find Province button.
- The game now first looks for "gameplaysettings.txt" under "modmod_name", then
"mod", then the default.
- Music is no longer played at all if the music volume is set to 0.
- The map in the peace negotiation window will be better centered on the
relevant area.
- Fixed the "send missionary" button so it won't lit up when you can't send a
- Monthly income text scrolling up from map provinces: All monthly income from
the province is now added to the figure.
- Corrected icon colors for the 'expand_colonial_territory' and
'restrict_colonial_expansion' modifiers.
- Fixed so the eventwindow is always centered when shown.

- Selecting the currently selected province again no longer clears the province
modifier icons.
- Selecting an enemy occupied province will drop you out of any sub-view
(decisions, etc).
- While in the build mercenaries view, switching to other occupied provinces
will not drop you out of the view.
- While in the building, merc or province decision views, switching province to
a non-core province will no longer drop you out of the view.
- The correct flag will now be shown for rebel units again when zoomed out on
the map.

Modding Support

- Added "army = /this/from" comparison trigger to compare total number of men.
- Added "navy = /this/from" comparison trigger to compare total number of
- Added triggers for "rival_countries" and "threat_countries".
- Added a "preferred_emperor = this/from/" trigger.
- Added a "tariff_efficiency = x" trigger.
- Added "is_rival" and "is_threat" triggers.
- Added a 'garrison' trigger for province scope.
- Added a 'war_score' trigger that checks ANY war if score is better than x.
- Added new event trigger 'can_spawn_rebels'.

- The prestige trigger now handles this/from for comparisons.
- The has_empty_adjacent_province trigger now works as intended.
- The naval force limit trigger now works for all values.
- The 'culture_group' trigger now handles specified culture-groups in the
province scope as well.
- The "religion-count" triggers can now handle 0-1 values to check for
percentage in a country.

- Added effects for "rival_countries" and "threat_countries".
- Added new event effect 'spawn_rebels'.
- The "manpower" effect using values between -0.999 and +0.999 is now using
that as % of max manpower.
- "_tech" effects using values between -0.999 and +0.999 is now using that as %
of the current cost.
- The create_pirate effect now creates privateers if using a negative value.

- The size argument of the rebel type event commands now uses the proper
- Provincescope is now reset properly when using " = {}"
- check_variable now uses >= as everything else.

- Added a 'capital_city' static modifier.
- Added a 'center_of_trade_level' static modifier.
- Added support for multiple policy restrictions in government types.
- Exported years of truce to defines as _DDEF_TRUCE_YEARS_.
- Added new parameter to rebel types: 'unit_transfer'. If set to yes, rebel
troops will become national when demands are accepted or enforced.

AI Improvements

* Naval AI
- No blockades of occupied enemy provinces.
- AI now uses patrols to prevent piracy.
- Improved blockade behaviour.
- Fixed an infinite loop bug that could occur when switching nations in a save
- More careful with its transport fleets.
- Will scramble fleets from port to block straits in their own sea zone.
- Will no longer cancel moves out of enemy occupied provinces
- Will prioritize its original planned invasion target province more.
* Land AI
- Fixed a problem where the main army could go passive in order to reinforce,
though the enemy was almost overrunning the country.
- Fixed a problem with the main army moving around deep inside enemy territory
instead of returning home.
- The main army will no longer go passive to reinforce if not at war (i.e.
cleaning up rebels.)
- The main army will no longer go passive to reinforce if there are no decent
manpower reserves.
- The main army is better at forming, despite enemy armies in the way.
- Fixed a problem with the AI stacking up a huge army in an area, way past the
supply limit.
- Fixed some problems with the sufficient force checks for new attacks.
- Improved check for enemy units on their way into a target province.
- Fixed a problem with cancel move orders sent to retreating units.
- Fixed a problem with units moving to a province they are already in.
- Fixed a crash bug.
- Better at taking back strongholds of defecting rebels.
- Changed the base calculation for area needs to be more dependent on forces in
neighboring areas. Should greatly help countries with overseas possessions near
- Adjusted overseas troop stacks.
- More intelligent about when to withdraw and rest up damaged regiments.
- Fixed a problem where the AI would strip its home area of troops and send
them to another area bordering the same enemy area.
* Diplomatic AI
- Better at waiting for one-province nations to get occupied before willing to
sign peace.
- Fixed a bug that let players milk AI nations with high WE for money, or force
vassalize them.
- Adjusted acceptance of separate peace demands.
- Fixed two stalemate bugs in the Peace AI.
- Fixed a problem with overly stubborn Peace AI in some situations.
- More prone to accept alliances with threatening nations.
- Acceptance of diplomatic vassalization proposals adjusted (now harder and
more dependent on the difference in diplomatic skill of the rulers.)
- Revised code for deciding on whom to target for trade agreements.
- Optimized and improved trade agreement proposal code further.
- Improved DoW checks. AI will be less afraid of guarantees and alliances if
the target is annexable or the allies distant.
- AI electors will now always re-determine who to vote for at the end of a
- AI electors is now less likely to vote for emperors outside the empire.
- AI nations with an interest in the HRE should now send gifts to the
- Fixed a problem with AI HRE Electors very rarely changing their votes.
- AI electors that have an interest in the HRE throne and are able to vote for
themselves will now tend to do so.
- Tweaked AI HRE Elector choice of emperor code to be more dependent on
- Fixed a problem with the Holy Roman Emperor overbidding insanely in peace
- AI should be more reasonable about military access paths for land movement.
- Updated AI for the new DoW and Call Allies rules.
- When considering declaring war, now better at estimating whether an ally will
answer a call to war or not.
- Improved AI acceptance code for call to war requests.
* Strategic AI
- Updated the code for checking if a country should be interested in the HRE
- Adjusted relative priority between colonial and construction expenses.
- Reduced the colonial interest of small nations.
- Greatly increased number of desired ships up the tariff needs.
- Proper power rank checks to curb superpower alliances.
- Befriend and Antagonism values are now also dependent on relative world
military ranking.
- Adjusted personality calculation.
- Adjusted consolidation check for Militarist AIs.
- Added AI strategy calculations to the new triggers "army", "navy",
"tariff_efficiency" and "preferred_emperor".
- Adjusted wanted buildings calculations.
- Will prioritize building warships if it cannot use transports safely while at
- Updated the wanted number of warships calculation to match the biggest enemy
(threat, target) navy.
- Doubled the minimum number of wanted transports.
- Fixed a problem with it going into a long period of consolidation for dubious
- No longer counts transports when worrying about the naval force limit.
- Will prioritize building ships if it has less then 3/4 of the desired
- Improved calculation for army recruit priority.
- Added consolidation check for low manpower reserves.
- Improved desperation calculation (more likely to fold in a war if it loses
core provinces of its own culture in its capital area.)
* Other
- AI now stops collecting wartaxes if war exhaustion grows high.
- Adjusted the Colonial AI to handle the new 50 people/year growth rate.
- Improved Colonial AI expense checks.
- Improved Colonization target selection code. Will prefer islands, and
clustering its colonies, avoiding rival colonies, etc.
- The AI should not create new CoTs early in the year, but wait and see if it
still has surplus gold later on.
- The AI should not create new CoTs if it is currently suspending that type of
- The AI should not create new CoTs if it has building construction plans.
- Recruit AI: Tweaked the code for selecting the best province to build ships
- AI should now be more keen on constructing buildings in general.
- Fixed a minor bug with invalid building plans being started.
- Higher prio on goods manufactories.
- Improved modifier evaluation for provinces.
- The choice between light and big ships is no longer random. It will strive
for a 2:1 ratio.
- Will now correctly count warships under construction when calculating new
ships to build.
- Will not build galleys if it has overseas provinces.
- AI will now disband "exiled" units even while at war.
- Toned down AI tendency to overrun army force limits.
- AI will no longer take decisions that permanently raise the global revolt
- Fixed a bug that made it possible to the AI to cancel a retreat.
- AI countries now get the full revolt risk in their home areas, but a more
reduced chance overseas.
- AI will no longer move sliders if it has less troops than an average
rebellion would spawn, nor do it when at war.
- AI will cancel missions after 25 years.

Scenario Setup

- Ladislao takes control of Rome and Ancona in1408
- Moldavia controls Budjak until 1472
- Changed the date when Sicily takes control of Nice
- Changed the date when the Ottomans takes control of Kosovo to 1456
- Gotland is sold to Denmark by the The Teutonic Order in 1409
- Control is returned to Genoa after the rebels (1477 and 1488) in Liguria are
- Tweaked the date for when Persia and the Shaybanids divide the territories of
the Timurids
- Extended the territories of the Jalyirids to include, Al Jawf and Badiyat Ash
- Increased the territory controlled by Khorasan to include; Hormuz, Kerman,
Makrah, Sisran, Herat, Kandahar, Gazni, Garchistan, Baluchistan, Indus and

- Added an alliance between Naples and Provence in 1435
- Added a union between Provence and Lorraine
- Made Serbia a Turkish vassal
- Added a union between Hainaut and Holland
- Added a union between the Timurids and Khorasan

- Corrections to the Serbian monarchs
- Added some missing monarchs to Corfu
- Updated the historical monarchs of Khorasan
- Updated the leader-, ship- and monarch names for Lithuania
- Added Vittorio Amedeo II as king of Sicily in 1713
- Changed the start- and death date of Claudio Monteverdi

- Lorraine takes part in the Neapolitan Succession War
- Added Corfu as a defender in the Ottoman-Venetian War
- Changed the revolutionary rebels of Spain, during the Napoleonic wars to
pretender rebels
- Changed the start date of the Timurid-Shaybanid War
- Persia participates in the Timurid-Shaybanid War from 1503
- The Jalayirids takes part in the 'Timurid-Qara Qoyunlu War'
- Pere de Portugal leads the rebellion in Girona (1463)
- Zhu Di leads a (pretender) rebellion in Beijing, 1399

- Updated the Mississippi Region
- The Straits of Johore are discovered by Malacca in 1399
- Increased Indian discoveries to include Laristan, Khurasan, Charjo and
- Armenia, Sharizhor, Toubkhal and Fez are discovered by the Eastern countries
from start
- Increased Eastern discoveries to include Baghdad, Mosul, Dayr Az Zor, Medina,
Ibrim, Kargah and Nubia

- Updated the flag of the Palatinate
- Boosted Italian manpower and taxbase
- Reduced French manpower a slight bit
- Tweaks to the history file for MUG
- Added a Milanese core on Pisa
- Added a Galician core on Galicia
- Removed the Byzantine core on Kosovo
- Serbia and Venice have cores on Zeta from game start
- Updated the historical ideas for the Knights and Cyprus
- Changed the foundation date of the University of Leipzig
- Gave Reykjavik and Akureyri city status to improve Norway's economy
- The center of trade in Constantinople is only available after 1453
- Changed the culture of Samogitia to Lithuanian and removed the Teutonic core
- Increased the revolt risk in Samogitia and changed the religion to Catholic
in 1413
- Added forts to Ahmadnagar, Maharastra, Nagpur, Bastar, Beirut, Al Karak and
- Changed the land- and naval policies for Khandesh, Shan, Persia, Khorasan,
Baluchistan, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, Mysore and the Mughal Empire

- Changed the capital of Serbia
- Changed the capital of Görz
- Made Pozega the capital of Slavonia
- Changed Presburg to Pressburg
- Changed the capital of Ersekujvar to Ersekujvar
- Renamed Troki -> Trakai and Lithuania -> Vilna
- Changed the capital of Macedonia to Thessaloniki
- Changed the capital of Limburg to the larger Maastricht
- Renamed Moldavian and Wallachian armies to 'Oastea de ...'
- Changed the capital of the Ming Empire to Nanjing, Beijing becomes capital in
- Changed the name of the province and capital of Salonica to Larissa due to
the previous border changes
- Made Modena the capital of Modena until 1452 when Ferrara becomes the


- Denouce Neo-Confucianism no longer gives +50% to missionary success, but a
reasonable change instead.
- All religious decisions now have proper AI directives. Also, moved some
prerequisites from 'potential' to 'allow'.

- The Papal States can no longer create Italy
- Fixed the effects of the 'Form Kingdom of Prussia' decision.
- Fixed a typo in PolishDecisions.txt
- Fixed the 'Germany Nation' decision so that cores are given correctly
- Making Constantinople capital through the decision makes it Turkish and Sunni
as well
- 'The Jizya Tax' decision now increases stability costs by 20% instead of +1
- Made ownership of Edirne, Bithynia, Bursa and Burgas a requirement for the
'Make Constantinople Capital' decision
- Increased the manpower bonus from the Devshirme System to 33%
- Added country flags to the 'move capital' decisions to keep them from
triggering repeatedly
- Making St-Petersburg the capital will cost 200 ducats but also increase the
city size
- You must be orthodox to restore the Byzantine Empire
- "Defend Russia Against The Mongols" only happens if the Golden Horde is big
and strong

- Transformed the tribal government reform event into decisions.
- Added a province decision to establish a march in border provinces.
- Changed 'Trade Crisis', 'Force Open Market', 'Gain Monopoly', 'Pass
Joint-Stock Companies Act' and 'Stato da Mar' so that they trigger if your
trade_income_percentage is above 40% or your trade income is above 100 ducats
- The 'Benign Neglect' decision only requires you to own 30% provinces
- Removed the "Promote National Merchants" province decision.
- Tweaked effects from 'statue in restraint of appeals'
- Removed ownership of five colonies as a requirement for the 'Abolish Slavery'
- Restriction for colonies no longer reduce revolt risk dramatically.


- Fixed a few problems with missions sharing tags
- It is no longer possible to cancel missions multiple times due to lag

- Only monarchies can get the 'Convince Electors' mission
- "Improve Relations with Vassal" aborts if rival ceases to exist
- The generic "Annex Minor" aborts if the nation disappears
- Added a mission to get an elector to vote for you
- Theocracies and republics no longer get the "Become Emperor" mission
- The generic alliance- and relation missions abort if the nations cease to
- The royal marriage mission aborts if the countries are no longer monarchies
- The 'Improve Relations" missions will only trigger if you're current
relations are below 100
- The 'Generic Annex Vassal' mission won't trigger if you already have a core
on the target province
- The 'Improved Relations with Electors' mission will increase your stability
- The generic "annex vassal" mission will only trigger for countries of the
same religion
- The generic form alliance mission won't trigger if the country feels
threatened by the other
- The 'Improved Relations with Elector' mission now correctly improves your own

- The 'Construct Navy' mission will only trigger for core provinces
- The 'Blockade province' mission aborts if you're not at war
- The 'Construct Navy' mission will abort if the country doesn't have a port
- The "Naval Race" mission won't trigger for African and New World countries
- "Get Control of Naval Supplies" won't trigger if you lose your ports
- Added missions to construct fleets and armies larger than a rivals
- Added a mission to improve navysize to reach 100% tariff efficiency if
- The 'Buildup Manpower Reserves' mission won't trigger for minor countries

- Added abort clauses to the colonial missions in case the country lacks a
- The 'Establish Colony' mission will abort if someone else builds a colony in
that province
- Made some historical balance tweaks for generic colonise and discover
missions for Spain, Portugal, England and France

- "Force Open Market" aborts if you own the CoT
- Fixed the abort-clause in the "Reduce Inflation" mission
- Establish trade missions now wants 5 merchants placed
- Added a 'last mission' check to all monopoly mission
- "Get Minor Cash Reserve" and "Amass Wealth" abort if you take a loan
- "Improve Economical Mismanagement" aborts if the nation goes bankrupt
- "Gain Monopoly" and "Establish Trade in CoT" requires at least one merchant
- "Recover Negative Stability" triggers more often when the stability is below
- "Grain Trade post in China" and "Increase Spice Trade" abort if you no longer
control a port
- The manufactory-missions now gives a 4-star advisor instead of +1 base-tax
when completing

- Added two missions to attack rivals
- Added a mission for rivals to clash over Italy
- "Blockade Enemy Coast" aborts if the war ends
- Added another mission to make christian medium/majors to get into Italy
- "Conquer Neighbour" aborts if the target country isn't a neighbour anymore
- "Conquer Core" aborts if you lose the core
- "Attack Prestigious Rival" aborts if you become a vassal or lesser partner in
a union
- "Attack Weaker Rival" aborts if you become a vassal or lesser partner in a

- Added a mission to restore the Holy See if catholic
- Added a mission to increase relations with the pope if catholic
- Fixed a missing title for the 'Embrace the Reformation' mission
- The generic force convert mission aborts if the countries change religion
- The convert province mission only fire if you have at least one missionary
- "Take control of Papacy" won't fire for excommunicated countries and aborts
if you go to war with the Papacy or the Papacy ceases to exist
- "Gain Cardinals" aborts if the Papacy ceases to exist or the target country
is excommunicated
- "Restore Holy See" won't fire for excommunicated countries and fires more
often for neighbours
- "Solidify our Papal Relations" aborts if you are excommunicated or no longer

- Added port triggers to the discovery missions
- Added religion triggers to the annex missions
- Burgundy, Bavaria, Byzantium, America, Lithuania, Bohemia, Scotland, Polish,
Sweden, Ming China, Denmark, Russia, Portugal, France, the Ottomans and Aragon:
added abort clauses to all the "conquer missions" for countries becoming vassals
or lesser partners in unions
- Added port triggers to the colonization missions
- The "Partition Poland" mission won't trigger unless Russia, Austria and
Prussia are Poland's neighbours
- The 'Annex Genoa' mission will abort if Genoa doesn't own Liguria
- The "Connect Brandenburg and Prussia" mission will only trigger if Prussia
and Brandenburg have a valid land connection
- The 'Conquer Delhi' mission requires you to conquer Multan instead of Jammu
- Fixed some potential exploits in the Mughal and Timurid vassalize missions
- Added a country flag to the 'Taj Mahal' mission to keep it from triggering
for the Mughals more than once
- The 'defeat England' mission requires the Mughals to take over all British
provinces in the Indian region
- Changed the provinces you need to protect in the "Block the Safavid Advance"
and "Defend the Timurid Lands" missions
- The 'Conquer Delhi' mission only aborts if the Timurids doesn't own any of
sultanate's provinces and Delhi doesn't exist
- Changed the "Block the Safavid Advance" and "The footsteps of Timur" to
trigger for Khorasan instead of the Timurids
- The 'Recapture Minsk' mission won't be counted as a success unless Poland
both owns and controls Minsk
- The Polish 'Relations with Mazovia' mission will abort if Mazovia doesn't
- The discovery missions for Madeira and Azores will only trigger between 1415
and 1425
- Fixed the broken text for the 'Dutch Colony in the Caribbean' mission
- Changed the relation requirement for the 'Ming-Oirat Relations' mission to
- Added a neighbour trigger to the "Defend Korea" mission
- The 'Defend Bohemia against Hungary' mission will abort if Hungary doesn't
- Tweaked trigger and effect for the Austrian Mission to take north Italy
- The 'Establish a CoT in Britain' mission won't trigger if you own Antwerp or
- The "Conquer Korea" mission won't trigger unless Korea is a neighbour
- The "Establish Foot holding in Manchuria" won't trigger unless Manchuria is a
- The 'Conquer Sicily' mission will add a core on Palermo
- The Spanish missions to improve relations with Portugal and Aragon won't
trigger if either of them become a republic or cease to exist
- Iberia must be controlled by Spain for the "Finish Reconquista" to be a
- The 'Continue the Reconquista' mission will abort if Tangiers, Ceuta and
Melilla are controlled by another Christian nation
- The 'Continue the Reconquista' mission won't trigger if some other Christian
nation than Spain owns Tangiers, Melilla and Ceuta
- Updated the success condition of the 'Reach the Mississippi' mission
- The 'Tobacco Factory' mission will only trigger once
- "Defend the American colonies" will only be counted as a success, if the US
owns the colonies
- "Reach the Mississippi" will abort if there are no neighbouring provinces
- Increased the requirements for the 'Conquer Florida' mission to include
Pensacola and Apalachee
- The 'Reclaim Mecca' mission will abort if Mecca is conquered by some other
Muslim country
- The "Muslim Asia Minor" mission will abort if the Ottomans change religion


- Added a check for native size in 'Native Raids'
- Events can no longer drop the size of a city down to a colony
- Fixed the discovery triggers for 'Colonial Ventures' and 'Trade Expansion'
- Increased the number of colonies required for the 'Colonial Migration' event
to trigger
- The 'Colonial Expansion' event will only give you 200 settlers and won't
trigger unless you have discovered at least one empty, neighbouring province
- Toned down the frequency of the 'Minorities flock to the colonies' events and
changed the option so that it sets the culture to the main culture

- Added a missing merchant trigger to the Slider event for mercantilism-free
- Fixed the "Minority Prospers" event so that it increases province tax
- Added in the events for the aristocracy/plutocracy slider

- Added a few new events that triggers at high war-exhaustion
- Reworked province defection event-chain slightly
- Changed the effects of 'support monarch' in 'Civil War'
- 'Temporary Insanity of Monarch', 'Excellent Minister', 'Nobles Demand
Increased Pensions' and 'Revolution' can trigger for Imperial governments too
- Altered the second option for the "Monarch ignores Country" event so that it
is displayed correctly
- Fixed the text for the "Fortification Expert" event and added a "number of
cities" trigger

- New events for the centralization_decentralization, serfdom_freesubjects,
innovative_narrowminded, mercantilism_freetrade, offensive_defensive, land_naval
slider and the quality_quantity slider
- Changed the "slider events" so that 'overseas_provinces_percentage' triggers

- Religious Wars now end when less than 10% is a minority
- Reworked the religious war event chain to be a bit more challenging
- Made the effect of the "enable the counter reformation" event immediate
- The Spread of Protestant and Reformed religion events now have a lower chance
of triggering overseas and in non-Christian countries

- Added lots of new random events, and also tweaked triggers and effects of the
old ones to get more of them appearing

General Bugfixes

- There is no longer a slowdown when combat is selected.
- The Tutorials are now working again.
- The current HRE vote is now correctly saved for all electors.
- Non-core provinces at game start now get an owner change date if they don't
have one set in their history.
- Fixed so the penalty for being ahead of time in techs work correct.
- Fixed a potential problem with the form of government of independence
- Colonies being removed are now always actually removed.
- Fixed a serious bug that caused the decimals to get inverted on negative
numbers when read from a file.
- Fixed a bug with lesser partners in a union not storing old union kings in
their list of previous monarchs.
- Lesser partners in a union will now properly store the first union king in
their history at the start of a game.
- Fixed a bug with new "union" history entries being stored for each reload of
a save game.
- Fixed a bug where fleets might not be allowed to retreat into a port province
with enemy land troops present.
- Fixed a bug with nations called to offensive wars not getting all of the
proper stability hits.
- Improved support for tracking down localisation problems.
- All provincial modifiers are now checking country data properly when starting
a new game.
- Province flags, variables and tradegoods are now cleared when ownership is
- Expired temporary CBs are no longer added to country relations on load.
- Fixed a bug that could cause ghost armies to remain after a country is gone.
- Did some minor optimisations.
- Monarchs created from events will not give stability hits if the previous
monarch was commanding a unit.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong country could be targeted for diplomatic

- Fixed numerous typos, missing strings and other text errors.
- Fixed many bugs and problems with the end of game history text.
- Fixed some bugs in the naval battle report screen.
- Fixed a problem with mercenaries being disabled in the build view, though
they shouldn't be.
- Fixed a problem where it was not possible to recruit mercenaries on foreign
territory if the owner was too poor.
- No longer possible to rename provinces to an empty in the "New Colony"
- The 'marching boots' sound is no longer played when clicking province
- "Detach Blockade" now generates correct navy names (and not army names.)
- Rewrote the way trees are generated.
- The trees on the map will now be drawn correctly.
- The same error message can now only be seen once in file-transfers.
- Fixed so that background sounds go completely silent when not over the showed
- Fixed so that not all background sounds play when dragging the slider in the
sound settings.

- Fixed a bug in the combat algoritms that would cause smaller units with
proper morale to get wiped out by bigger no morale units.
- Fixed a problem with zero morale ships being eliminated mid-combat.

- Fixed a crash bug in Peace Offers.
- Fixed two random crash bugs.
- Hopefully fixed a crash bug when clicking the "play" button twice in the
- Fixed a crash bug that occurs when extending the end date beyond 1880
(because there are no tech levels beyond that.)
- Fixed several out-of-sync problems with Multiplayer.

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