EVE Online Patch v32517 - v33752 Patch (Revelations II)


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EVE Online: Revelations II expansion launches with new video, features page
Though the premise for Revelations II is described as "the calm before the storm that unleashes the wrath of empires," there's definitely nothing serene about this latest free expansion for EVE Online.

In addition to the great list of changes and fixes noted in the patch notes, there's also a breathtaking new video and a slick new Features page, complete with video clips of dev team members explaining some of the most exciting new additions to the game such as Anti-Fleet Warfare and Heat.

The deployment went smoothly and more quickly than anticipated, allowing players to log in long before the estimated downtime had expired.

With the enhanced New Player Experience, there's never been a better time to explore the world of EVE. The key to your very own starship -- and an entire galaxy -- is waiting for you here.

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