Eye of the Beholder Epic Edition - Final (Neverwinter Nights Mod)


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The EOB Team is proud to release Eye of the Beholder. This mod can be played solo single or 4 player multiplayer module. Each of the 12 levels has been recreated from the original maps used in the 1991 version created by Westwood Studios, 2 SECRET LEVELS and 6 in-game cut scenes.


Welcome to Eye of the Beholder. Epic Edition

You all are truly in for a treat; I must have played and completed the original Eye of the Beholder from SSIWestwood Studios 8 times. Every time was just as fun as the first time. This was my driving force to re-create Eye of the Beholder. The Never Winter Nights tool set was suited perfectly for this task, so my task began the day came out, last June.

Eye of the Beholder can be played as a single player MOD it was balanced for 1 to 4 players. Each of the 12 levels has been recreated from the original maps used in the 1991 version created by Westwood Studios, along with 1 SECRET LEVEL. Aside from slight differences, if you have the original Clue book for EOB you will be able to follow the clue book to help you complete the game.

I have also added new content and some new side quest in EOB to keep up with the NWN engine and game play, also to make it more interesting for you hard core players. This Mod can take up to 30 or more hours to complete.

You will also find 6 new Henchman that have been created just for Eye of the Beholder. Find them and use them, they will be one of your greatest assets in the game when you are fighting for your life.

There are over 25 quests in Eye of the Beholder that will need to be completed in order to complete the game correctly. Don't rush through the maps or you will miss out on over 200 new magical items that have been added to the game. There are also 14 set items that have been specially created for Eye of the Beholder. There are 3 items per set and they are geared towards a specific class, there are also 4 sets that are universal set items geared towards fighter classes or magic classes. This is why you should take great care in searching each map.

I hope you will enjoy Eye of the Beholder as much as I did making it. It took me 6 long hard months of non stop work to make this MOD come to life. I spent considerable time adding eye candy and special effects and sounds on each level to make the games environment very detailed and more enjoyable.

This MOD has been Beta tested at least 8 times completely from start to finish, and more testing just on each of the levels to make sure that the game balance was correctly done.

I want to give Special thanks to my friends for all the long weekends of play testing that we did over the last 3 months. Thanks Guys!

I think you will find this MOD to be very challenging and a lot of fun.

So Enjoy!

Rick "Dark" Francis

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