Far Cry 2 Patch v1.01


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Changes in 1.01:

Fixed for difficulty level not changing health when updated.
Fixed keyboard controls remapping in single mode that didn't carry into multiplayer mode.
Prevent a buddy from getting stuck when healing him while receiving damages.
Display server's IP address in lobby, beside the match's name (for direct IP join to work)
A ranked match that is already started will not be listed in the match list.
Improved match start conditions. Ranked games can now also start if the player max is attained and everybody but the host is ready.
Fixed players with same name by using identifiers instead of names.
Always validate the diamond pool after class upgrades, reset or rank up to avoid getting more diamonds than the player is supposed to for his rank.
Fixed a random crash when joining a game.
Fixed to make sure game is minimized in order to show the website when clicking on ubi.com
Allow launching the Dedicated Server Launcher in command line.

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