F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Patch v1.04


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The Armored Front map pack consists of two maps, Conductor and Decoy, as well as four unique character heads to swap out.

Conductor Map: Push out of a train yard into the vast and open-ended junction station built around a turntable. EPAs will battle their way through the ground floor, as infantry can choose to either support from below or scale the heights of the station and engage in long-range combat.

Decoy Map: This full-scale training ground for Replica soldiers is a true test of skill! Once a controlled arena for combat exercises, now it is under a full-blown assault for control between Replica and ATC. Players must watch out for ambushes and avoid getting duped by the pop-up target dummies.

Character Heads: Four unique heads for use in customizing characters.

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