FIFA Manager 11 Update 3 Patch


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This is the latest patch for the game FIFA Manager 11
FIFA Manager 11 is the 10th edition of the franchise, featuring a vast array of all-new features. Hundreds of improvements to the game have been made across the board with a special focus on its core areas.

With this update you will be able to take your managerial skills to new heights!

Bugfix: Crash in front of cup matches
• Bugfix: Live Season: All winter transfers in England and Spain were not nominated and could not play in the second half
• Bugfix: Live Season: Teams were given no entrance fees for the already challenged Games
• Bugfix: Text mode: the managers were sometimes blocked calls and the tactics for the entire game
• Bugfix: founding - End of Season: Players will be dismissed and the team disappears into the lower leagues, when the Relegation matches are not played
• Bugfix: Problems with relegation in Germany
• Bugfix: Euro 2012 hosts qualify automatically
• Bugfix: News Centre: Moral value added to transfer mail
• Bugfix: Fixed crash when "Big Spenders " screen
• Optimization: Minor changes when receiving a pass in full action mode database update with a four-digit number of transfers and hundreds of new players
• various minor text and graphics bugs fixes and tooltips have been added
• update the player pictures, especially in the lower English leagues
• 381 additional player pictures
• 150 XXL additional player pictures

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