FireArms v2.7 (full)


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This is the complete Windows install of the FireArms v2.7 modification for Half Life.

Mod Info:

Firearms is a modification of Valve Software's computer game, Half-Life. It's a realistic modification of the game, that focuses on teamplay with Half-Life gameplay altered to the extreme. New rules, new content, and 30 new weapons. It features multiplay only, and therefore it is only playable online or on a local area network. In order to play Firearms, you need to own a copy of Half-Life. Firearms being developed by the FA team and it's a non-commercial project. We are developing Firearms because we think it's fun. In Firearms you play in teams, or rather armed forces. Every time you join or start a game, you will join one of the two forces being Red or Blue. Each time you choose what weapons and optional items you want, a kevlar vest is required gear though. Each force has an certain amount of reinforcements, which stands by and are thrown into action as a game progresses. When there are no reinforcements left, and all active soldiers have the been killed, the standing team wins the battle. There are lots of different scenarios and mission objectives in Firearms, and the above rules is the basic way it plays on all of them. Each individual soldier is awarded ranks as he gets better and when he helps the team. You can also gain skills as you advances in rank. Bandages can heal your gun shot wounds, but they won't make you gain in health points, so you should be aware of the danger lurking all places, when you and your team moves into enemy territory.

List Of Changes:

- Added 45 second delay before CTI object is returned to its original location if dropped.
- Added basic HLTV functionality.
- Added battlefield agility causing all stamina burns to be decreased by one third.
- Added dynamic lighting to sparks.
- Added dynamic lighting to the claymore explosion.
- Added friend/enemy display in team ID bar.
- Added full use of bipods for the M82, M60 and M249.
- Added key value to func_friction to choose to affect all entities or just players.
- Added key value to info_firearms_detect, choose whether or not a player's breath is visible (cold weather or warm weather).
- Added key value to trigger_gravity to choose to affect all entities or just players.
- Added M249 light machinegun in place of PKM. PKM will return in a future version of Firearms.
- Added map fogging (OpenGL only).
- Added 'Most Cowardly' award to end game screen.
- Added moving mouths when voice communication is in use.
- Added muzzleflash sprite to the mortar.
- Added randomness to shell ejection velocities
- Added reinforcement bonuses for capturing a push point.
- Added reinforcement bonuses for continued possession of a push point.
- Added server name to the scoreboard.
- Added speech icons above players' heads (displayed when radio is being used).
- Added use of TFC-like status bar for screen tips and player ID
- Added voice icon above players' heads (displayed when voice comm. is being used).
- Added word filter system ability (for players that are offended by racial slurs, swearing, etc).
- Fixed best player calculation to be more accurate.
- Fixed black screen of death (map change lag).
- Fixed mortar damage going through walls.
- Fixed 'no helmet' exploit.
- Fixed prone flying exploit.
- Fixed "Sprite: No Such Frame..." error.
- Fixed 'sticky corpses'.
- Fixed team change retaining the same armour.
- Fixed various other minor bugs. Too numerous to list.
- Fixed various weapon balance issues. Too numerous to list.
- Fixed vote_llama server crash bug.
- Players with stealth skill don't trigger sounds when capturing areas or placing claymore mines.
- Reverted the HULLs and views back to default (to prevent 'helmet cam' exploits).
- Status icons for broken legs and parachutes are now colour coded.

New maps:

Updated maps:

Removed maps:


"cl_censor" allows you to filter out certain words from the game. If set to 0, no censorship occurs. At 1, racist remarks are censored. At 2, swearing is censored. At 3, both racism and swearing are censored. default: 0

When "cl_dlights" is set to 0, all non-map dynamic lights are disabled (muzzleflashes, explosions, etc), giving an increase in performance on some systems. default: 1

When "cl_fog" is set to 1, map specific fog effects are enabled. This may decrease performance, but will hide ugly occurrences when there is geometry outside of the specified draw distance. OpenGL mode only. Requires a map change or a restart of the game for changes to come into effect. default: 1

Setting this to 0 will disable the icon above players who are using voice communication (friendly players only). default: 1

"mp_ffremoverein" (server only)
If set to 1, this command will remove one reinforcement for a team kill. At 0, there will be no penalty for the team. default: 0

"mp_loglevel" (server only)
The amount of data which is stored in server logs. 0 will log basic events such as connects and disconnects, 1 will log connects, disconnects, objectives, triggers, and kills. 2 will log everything, resulting in enormous log files. default: 1

"text_ignore", followed by a WONID, will block any text from certain players. To see a list of players and their WONIDs, use the "status" command.

"text_unignore, followed by a WONID, will cancel previous ignores for the matching player.

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