Flanker 2 v.2.03a


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US/UK Patch
This patch is for the US/UK versions only.
This is a comprehensive patch that includes all improvements made in the 2.01 and 2.02 patch.

2.03a Improvements:

1. Flight model for AI planes improved. AI no longer invincible.
2. Corrected problem of model swapping during destruction.
3. Improved model of USS Vinson.
4. Fixed trim pulling to the right if rudder pedals installed.
5. Debriefing now indicates when Ctrl+A (time acceleration) and S (time reset to normal) are used in the mission.
6. Ability to land on carrier added to network play.
7. Realistic delay in AI when IR missile launched at AI.
8. Flight model of iron bombs improved.
9. Cluster bombs more accurately modeled, wider dispersal if dropped from high altitude.
10. Naval radar now extends to the limit of the detection zone.
11. Bombs have a more realistic oscillation upon release.
12. Ability to land on carrier in any HUD mode added.
13. Fixed ASI speed calculation.
14. Rockets now jettison from aircraft correctly.
15. Engine model improved for numerous aircraft.
16. CCIP (Continuously Computed Impact Point) for bombs improved.
17. CCIP for guns during ground attack improved.
18. CCIP for rocket improved.
19. Flaps now produce sound during automatic landing.
20. HUD range indicator corrected in bombing mode.
21. Rocket pods now appear to be empty after all rockets expended.
22. Auto thrust indicator added to instrument panel.
23. Fuel discharge now visible.
24. Flaps more effectively modeled.
25. Carrier launches are more realistic with heavy payload.
26. Air brake more effectively modeled.
27. Landing flight model improved.
28. AIG-78 missile now correctly identified as RIM-66.
29. Encyclopedia information updated.
30. Damage model improved: now takes into account where and how far from plane missile warhead detonates.
31. GAI flights set up after detecting enemy flights resulting in GAI flights no longer blocking runways.
32. Improved AI for taxiing aircraft.
33. AI uses EOS more effectively.
34. Framerate improved.
35. Carrier take off and landing more realistic.
36. Ability for two players to take off from same airfield in multiplayer added.
37. AI improved in multiple plane engagements.
38. Air to ground munitions now deal the appropriate collateral damage when they score a direct hit on the target.
39. Slewing of targeting reticule for guided munitions is faster.
40. New graphic option: Voodoo card.
41. New Key Command list.

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