Football Manager 2010 Patch 10.1.0


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- Fixed acceptance of international jobs not working.
- Stephen Carr no longer is retired when a new game is started.
- Fixed bug where homegrown players at a B team weren't being treated as
homegrown for the A team.
- Adjusted filling of empty attributes for non-players.
- Fixed player listed as 'Unh' no longer will have no evidence that they are
unhappy on their personal section.
- Improved selection of feeder clubs offered.
- Fixed a problem with the days in Britan for players who have played in
England and Scotland (e.g. Mark Viduka).
- Fixed a data corruption in the contract offer screen that occasionally caused
strange low wage requests.
- Adjusted retirement dates.
- Adjusted newgen starting attribute levels.
- Adjusted goalkeeper ability development.
- Adjusted quality of newgens produced in both active and inactive leagues.
- Fixed highest and lowest league position records not updating properly after
team has moved between regional divisions.
- Fixed crash when going to squad screen after retiring

- Fixed bug where clicking on the scouting shortcut would take you to the squad
page instead of scouting knowledge when the club has no scouts employed.
- Added tooltips to graphics rating stars on Preferences screen.
- Fixed bug where Match Preview screen was missing team and competition links.
- Latest scores, goals updates and live league table panels on the competition
screen now update correctly.
- Added text to indicate that there are no available player interaction options
instead of just displaying a blank screen.
- Added ok dialog to job centre panel to show manager that their advert has
been placed successfully.
- Fixed 30-second unresponsiveness when going manager chat.
- Removed option to apply for a job from team action buttons if the user has
already been offered the job.
- Fixed player's training panel not displaying any info if club did not have a
- The classic player instructions panel now includes the Wide Play
- Made it impossible to just search with a key containing just spaces, as doing
so would cause a very lengthy wait for the search to complete.
- Ensure news respond buttons are properly cleared down when manager resigns.
- Ensured coach reports aren't available for unattached players that have been
- Show 'Sus' indication on national pool if player has international ban.
- Fixed captain icon being duplicated on the tactics screen when substituting
- Ensured coach reports aren't available when making an offer for a player that
isn't attached to your club.
- Fixed potential crash if user clicked on search icon and then on status panel
whilst setting up a new game.
- Player ratings is now the first tab under 'Stats' in a match for easier
- Extra-time and penalty wins now indicated on team fixture panel
- Added frosty pitch to 2D Classic match view
- Removed erroneous advisor highlight when making a substitution
- Fixed player positions not being shown in Quick Substitution dialog in
network games
- Added confirm/undo/cancel buttons to opposition instructions panel during a

Backroom Advice

- Stopped staff contradicting themselves when suggesting removing offers for
players even though they gave them a good scout report.
- Improved the second opinion advice.
- Stopped fitness coaches offering advice on tactics unless they also have a
preference for a normal coaching role.
- Stopped second opinion always disagreeing with team attribute comparison
pre-match advice.
- Using the Training button now links to the teams training section correctly.
- Advice no longer re-appears if you have dismissed the advice by going to the
screen via the news item and then going by the menu link.
- Improved the recommended player's advice AI.
- Stopped Assistant Manager disagreeing with possible opposition instructions
and then suggesting them himself pre-match.
- Scouting recommendations for immediate signings only recommend players the
team can currently afford.
- Backroom advice section now hidden for international matches because there
was never anything to show.

- The scroll buttons on the tab strip now works correctly.
- Can now add national team achievements for people in the editor.
- Adding new clubs, competitions, etc to the database now applies the same
changes to network clients as well.

- Fixed 'interested in job' news item not always knowing whether the job the
person is interested in is currently filled or not.
- Fixed comp news item which mentions several teams they could face in next
round when next round opponents are already known.
- Fixed over-the-top news strings for winning friendly competitions.
- Fixed Transfer Centre button displaying on transfer offer news when human not
involved in transfer.
- Added 'Make Offer' button to transfer offer news so human can easily make
counter-bid for players who have just come under offer from other clubs.
- Players no longer complain about been unable to speak to another club when a
transfer offer is negotiated rather than rejected.
- Players no longer complain about been unable to speak to another club if the
buying team keeps delaying the transfer.
- Fixed "Consortium pull plug" news item stating consortium pulled the plug
when it was actually the club.
- Fixed player's bio blaming manager for club's season under-performance when
manager has only just joined and is doing well.
- Fixed rare instance of player transfer speculation news being generated for
news where the buying team doesn't have a manager.
- Fixed View Injury Table button in physio report news occasionally taking you
to the wrong page for an international manager.
.- Can now appeal straight red card when a player was playing for a different
squad to the squad he is currently in.
- Stopped media speculating about managers signing rubbish goalkeepers.
- Pitch dimensions news item only sent if there are more than one pitch size to
choose from!
- Fixed occasional non player bio referring to club join date as 1. Jan. 1900.

- Adjusted non-player wages.
- Adjusted clubs going into administration.
- Adjusted player wage demands.
- Adjusted wage budgets for very small teams.
- Fixed players on very high wages requesting a lot less when renewing

- Prevented board from stepping in and accepting bids just over the basic value
of the player on behalf of a manager when player was transfer listed.
- Disabled transfer decision deadline option of 'Today' when current game time
is later on in the day and not possible for clubs to respond in time.
- Loaned out players no longer kept in first team and demoted to reserves upon
return to club.
- Removed duplicate news item when a youth player's contract expires.
- Altered contract decision code to prevent low league key players from getting
early pay rises.
- Fixed occasional first team player being put in reserves and listed for loan
in first season.
- Stopped occasional B Club player from being given first team wages due to
being a key player in the B Club
- Prevented big clubs from actively looking to replace their terrible third
choice goalkeepers
- Spanish based players no longer demands really high relegation release
clauses, due to already having really high mandatory minimum fee release

Press Conferences
- Fixed journalist asking about signing a compatriot for a new signing when
other club team already contains a player of his nationality.
- Fixed follow-up question about balancing books appearing in the wrong context
in new signing conference.
- Miscellaneous text and press conference question fixes.
- Fixed press conference questioning team's form due to poor morale when team
morale is actually very high.
- Improved selection of the main talking point of press conferences.
- Give precedence to team-mates of the same nationality over shared language
when looking for a team-mate who can help a new signing settle in.
- Fixed wrong stadium name being shown in some new signing conference

Board Takeovers
- Stopped non-players who dislike a club from leading consortiums that are
interested in taking them over.

Network Game
- Now cannot join manager chat until you have completed adding a manager.
- Fixed blank stage in add manager wizard when "Assign Random Clubs" has been
- "Disconnect" action is now shown again on the game status screen for network
- Fixed other managers watching a match being able to view the playing managers
feedback widget.

- Fixed bug where user-named friendly competition gets its name changed to
Friendly Cup after saving and reloading.

Match Experience
- Injury icon now no longer appears above a player in a match if the match is
rewound to before the injury.
- Fixed pitch textures been inconsistence between 2D and 3D view.
- Fixed bug where playmaker and target man roles were not being setup correctly
in the match.
- The first team now always uses the first kit when playing in the intra squad
- Crowds now celebrate shootout goals and all penalty misses
- Fixed "dead time" not being skipped when players retrieve ball for set pieces

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