Frontlines: Fuel of War - v1.02 Patch


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Crashes when locking the screen during loads has been fixed (i.e. Using Alt+Tab).
Server browser will no longer show servers that are not running.
Alt+Tab will work properly in Windows Media Center.
Lockups/crashes while "Please Wait" popup is on screen has been fixed.
Player no longer becomes stuck in an unresponsive menu after quitting a match at the end of a round.
NAT (Network Address Translation) - Listen Server now shows public IP and can be joined.
Fix for infinite loops that occasionally appear in single player.
Fix for hang issue/crash for Chinese and Korean native operating systems.
Game will no longer crash when the user suspends the game using Ctrl+Alt+Del or Win+L on the splash screen after the game launch.
New .dll's to address sound card issues added.
Fixed Japanese character issue on scoreboards.
Russian fonts fixed.
Polish, Chinese, and Czech language support added.
Player count sort fixed on server browser.

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