Gore MP Patch v.1.26


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As promised, the 1.26 Gore patch is released. The patch weighs in at around 3 megs, includes quite a bit of code fixes and we've made a few changes in the gameplay based on some of the most popular feedback. One other note about the patch, the version 1.25 patch is no longer needed, or is obsolete, you can update directly from 1.24 to 1.26.

Fixes/changes in the Gore 1.26 patch.


(SERVER) Fixed problems relating to "black screen" connects and respawns. Note: There may still be outstanding issues in this area.
(SERVER) Enabled usage of 'say' command from server console.
(SERVER) Fixed problem with query reporting causing some servers not to register with gamespy properly.
(CLIENT) Fixed problems where Voodoo users could not play at any resolutions other than 640x480. Note: There are still issues with changing resolutions in-game for voodoo users. Gore may have to be restarted OR the client_system.cfg manually edited to reflect the desired resolution before the game starts.
(CLIENT) Introduced color-keyed text for chat messages.
(CLIENT) Implemented wrap-around in console / messages.
(CLIENT) Added sensitivity adjustment for keyboard look-left and look-right.
(CLIENT) Fixed incorrect rendering of shotgun shield.
(CLIENT) Added client side player to player collision detection. Greatly reduces jitteriness when two players collide in game.
(CLIENT) Fixed problem with ALT keys not binding.
(CLIENT) Changed in-game browser to sort by ping.
(CLIENT) Fixed problem with in-game server browser reporting incorrect pings
(CLIENT) Added level and server name messages to console.


Added reload sound for secondary modes on rocket launcher and sniper rifle.
Improved blood effects to help indicate target is being damaged. Blood now gushes from bullet holes, leaving a trail behind injured players.
Flesh Impact sound added upon bullet and snipergun impact to help personal damage indication.
Medium and Light Player Class Armor is now a brighter orange color to make it show up better in game on characters. Increased fire rate on Snipergun.
Strengthened sniper rifle secondary mode.
Increase fire power of pistol. It's pretty brutal now.
Primary fire mode on Flamethrower can fire 50 units of ammo before reload now.
Brightened bullet puff and added to pistol.
Lowered ambient/music volume.
Reduced bounciness to grenades.
Added spawn points to dm18, more health and stamina packs.
Fixed running animations so weapons bob less.
Adjusted a few weapons hold animations down for less obstructions in view.

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