Grand Prix 3


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Patch Version 1.13 adds the following gameplay enhancements, and makes several other fixes:

Improved Advanced Controls interface.
Added support for controller fire buttons 1 to 16.
Added support for up to 6 axes per controller.
Menus can be controlled with the accelerator, brake, and steering when in "Control driven calibration" mode.
Implemented an option to reverse the direction of force-feedback where the steering was pulling left on some older wheels.
Implemented a new control device named "Pit signal device" in the advanced control menu. This allows the fire buttons on controllers to be used to activate or cancel the pit signal (instead of the RETURN key).
The grip and bumpiness corrected on grass alongside kerbs.
The grass is modelled correctly for bumps and grip within the pitlane.
Greatly improved wet weather tyre changing AI and precipitation modelling .
Graphics calibration system prediction accuracy improved.
Black flags removed from the outside of overrun kerbs
Cars more sensitive to fence collision damage.
Wing repair time affects pit-stop time.

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