Grand Prix Legends D3D Patch


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The most accurate vehicle dynamics model ever developed for a racing simulation.
Gorgeous 16-bit graphics, optimized for 3Dfx and Rendition, allow resolutions up to 1024x768.
Eleven of the greatest racing circuits in history, including the 14 mile Nurburgring, historic Spa and Monaco.
Five classic Grand Prix cars, including the Ferrari 312, Lotus-Ford Gurney Eagle, each with authentic 3d cockpit and performance characteristics.
Multiplayer support for up to 20 players via TCP/IP, IPX, modem, or direct-connect.
Extensive car setup options.
Driver aids and two training cars help you learn the ropes.
Includes a 100+ page strategy guide by Steve Smith, former contributing editor of Car and Driver Magazine.
This is an unsupported beta patch that allows D3D capable video cards to run GPL

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