Half-Life 2 - Capture The Flag 1.2


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This modification will allow you to play CTF in Half Life 2.

What's new in Beta 1.2?

* Added ctf_gunshot
* Updated ctf_2fort_lite
* Updated ctf_curved
* Updated ctf_trainingday
* Updated ctf_lambda_bunker

* Added ctf_respawndelay for admins to set player delay before respawn
* Added ctf_warmup to allow warmup mode (set to # seconds of warmup)
* Re-enabled sprint and added walk/run speed difference
* Added extra scoreboard stats for captures, returns, and flag carrier kills
* Added cl_autoweaponswitch cvar to not switch weapon on pickup
* Added auto-team balance
* Added second default key (M) to open team selection menu
* Added team selection reminder text to the spectator menu
* Tweaked SMG and pulse rifle damage
* Restored falling damage to Alpha level
* Made rockets dumb fire only
* Changed default spawn weapon to smg from gravity gun
* Improved HUD
* Once you drop the flag, you can't pick it up for 3 seconds

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed bug that could cause crash immediately on joining a server
* Fixed intermission respawn bug allowing players to kill after map is over
* Changed default sk_healthkit value to 25
* Fixed ctf_return_flag entity
* Fixed bounding box on flag being too big
* Fixed incorrect RPG weight

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