Half-Life 2 - Decloak Source Mod v1.7


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Decloak is a round based game where the rebel team tries to escape to a certain point in the map before the combine stop them. The rebels have the ability to cloak which makes them completely invisible. While cloaked, the rebels can use their crowbar and gravity gun as tools to succeed. When uncloaked, they can use any weapon in their arsenal. Unlike the combine team, the rebels have the ability to pick up stronger weapons in the map.

The combine, however, start out the round with medium-strength weapons and a decloaking device integrated into their flashlights. Any part of a cloaked object that falls into the cone of this enhanced flashlight will be decloaked. Unfortunately, the battery life is limited and must be recharged over time. The goal of the combine is to protect the escape point while hunting down rebels.

The rebel team wins if 50% or more of the team escapes successfully. The first rebel to escape each round is awarded with additional points.


At the beginning of every round, each rebel starts off with one orb. Points are given for each orb a rebel escapes with. More orbs can be acquired from the map or dead teammates.

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