Half-Life 2 - Dodgeball Alpha v7


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Dodgeball:Source is a Full Conversion Mod based on the Source Engine. Touting a unique blend of Sports, FPS, and Arcade style gameplay, Dodgeball:Source is able to entertain a wide varitey of gamers. Dodgeball:Source is based around the popular playground/ gymn game that we grew up playing.

Players enter a number of outrageously interesting environments to compete in a Dodgeball match as never seen before. Some of these environments include a skeeball arena, the top of 2 skyscrapers, a sci-fi hangar, and a school gymn. With 4 different game modes, powerups, ball variations, and a buy menu, there is never a dull moment. Dodgeball:Source also puts the engine to work by maximizing the dynamic gameplay created through use of the Havok physics engine. Dodgeballs bounce and roll as if they were taken from a real life Dodgeball match. Players are also thrown and bounce off of objects in a hilarious and exaggerated way. Gameplay is quick, exciting, intuitive and very open ended. Dodgeballer's are able to combine many different types of powerups and create an attack using their own creativity.

Dodgeball:Source is also very easy to play and enjoyed by the most novice of gamers. For the expert or hardcore crowd, Dodgeball:Source includes competition mode. This means that players are able to compete using the official Dodgeball competition rules. Dodgeball:Source is stable and played by over 100,000 gamers worldwide. Currently on its 6th release, Dodgeball:Source is quickly becoming one of the most interesting, comical and enjoyable games available.

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