Half Life 2 - Dystopia v1.1 Client Patch


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Dystopia v1.1 client patch has been released.


-added friends highlighting to scoreboard, radar and iff
-added new team specific pain and death sounds
-fixed stats not working if two servers are on the same IP
-fixed door warping
-fixed end of round camera position/angles
-fixed players spawning in each other
-fixed server crash in spawn code
-fixed server crash when players cyber fragged by projectiles
-fixed client crash when spectating someone with smartlocks when round ends
-fixed client crash priming a grenade when round ends
-fixed client crash loading dys_detonate on dx8 computers
-fixed shotgun muzzle flash drawing through walls
-added more effect for basilisk grenade
-fixed several hud textures being blurry at low texture quality
-fixed "Move out" and "Fall back" voicecomms not playing
-increased volume of corp light/medium voicecomms

Mod Info:

Dystopia is a cyberpunk themed total conversion of Half Life 2, created by an amature development team and released to the public for free.

Dystopia places the player into tense combat situations in a high tech world spanned by computer networks. As either Punk Mercenaries or Corporate Security Forces the player will fight through the physical world to gain access, via jack-in terminals, to cyberspace.

Cyberspace is a three dimensional representation of the world's network. Inside cyberspace players will launch programs to hack into systems linked to the physical world while fighting off enemy hackers and defending critical systems. Gameplay progresses through inter-linked physical and cyberspace objectives, some are completed in either the physical world or cyberspace, others only by a well timed combination of the two.

Whether the player is a heavily augmented combat mercenary armed to the teeth with the latest in firepower, or a twitch reflex cyberdecker racing to infiltrate a cyberspace node; they'll be immersed in an action packed battle. Only through skillful use of the high tech arsenal we're making available and intelligent team play will players truly jack-in and kick ass.

Team Dystopia is a collection of dedicated and talented gamers who are creating an action packed multiplayer game. Dystopia draws on the themes and concepts of the cyberpunk genre and implements ideas born out of years of gaming experience. With a diligently designed gameplay system, we hope to produce the next step in online multiplayer gaming.

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