Half-Life 2 Plan of Attack v2 Beta


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Plan of Attack is all about gameplay. Strategic gameplay. Players are faced with important decisions each round that affect themselves and their team. What objective to attack, planning your defense, acquiring money or experience, bankrupting the enemy team, choosing your skill class, and planning your path to victory.

Key Features:

*Strategy - you choose what to attack, what to defend, and how to fool the enemy team
*Multiple objectives - each map has multiple paths to victory, with games always playing out differently
*Attack and defend - alternating attack and defend rounds means you need to be good at both to capture and hold all of the objectives
*Experience levels - doing well increases your skill level, which leads to class-specific bonuses
*Stats package - a robust, web-based statistics package to track everything from kills and time played to assists and accuracy, across all Plan of Attack servers


*Fast paced - rounds are quick, keeping you in the action
*Multiple classes - encourages different styles of play; sneak up behind the enemy, kill them from a distance, or take them on full-force
*User friendly - designed for new players and experienced players alike: a map, radar, and other UI cues help new players know where to go and what's going on, but don't get in the way for experienced players
*New weapons - 15 new weapons, with 5 unique weapons per team
*Rocket launchers - one-shot RPGs can turn the tide of a battle
*In-game radar - shows the current map and your teammates' locations
*Coin toss round - the first round of every game is pistols-only, with all players visible on the map
*Persistent - each round builds upon the last, leading to an overall victory or loss for the team. No more doing the same thing over-and-over again
*Dynamic maps - the maps are non-linear and multi-dimensional, leading to more varied gameplay
*Money system - a buy system to purchase weapons

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