Half-Life 2 - Project Valkyrie Client Beta v1.0


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Project Valkyrie Public Beta v1.0 RC1 - Client FULL. - Requires Team Fortress 2 (temporary).

Project Valkyrie is a multiplayer first person shooter for Half-Life 2. (Requires an Orange Box game to play) Players suit up in the Valkyrie suit, equipped with a powerful arm cannon integrated into the suit and the ability to morph into a sphere for faster mobility and different attack capabilities. Previously titled Three Month Mod, it was thus named for the amount of time it had taken us on the project. Three months from conception to release. Everything was done simultaneously, from pre-production concepts, to code, to mapping.

Patch v1.0b

Project Valkyrie currently requires Team Fortress 2 to play. Install to your sourcemods folder, restart steam, launch Project Valkyrie Public Beta v1.0 RC1, hop on a server and play!


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