Half-Life 2 - Source Forts Mod Client v1.9.1


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SourceForts mod for Half-Life 2 is a hybrid capture the flag game in which players build bases in order to defend their flags. Version 1.9.1 brings updates of maps as well as numerous bug and balance changes.

Fixed v1.9.1
-Players spawning at enemy spawn area.
-Bug in spawn code that caused telefragging on spawn.
-Crash on block destruction while being frozen.
-Flag getting "stuck" to a player after multiple flag drops.
-Ammo crates staying open longer than normal when used twice in a
-Game name being reported as "Half-Life 2 Deathmatch" on Metamod.
-Players not being able to freeze long-flat blocks in combat from
certain angles.
-Players not seeing sparks emitted from their freezing/unfreezing
process in combat.
-Physics bug allowing players to "fly" in combat.
-Timer now converts to minutes after reaching a certain ammount.

-Class limit system
System functions by only allowing a certain percentage of a
given class to exist at once. Players attempting to become
a "full" class will be denied. A "full" class is any class
that prior to joining has more than the designated percentage
of players.
Scout - 100% (no limit)
Engineer - 75%
Soldier - 66%
Rocketeer - 60%
Sniper - 25%
-New ammocrate model.
-New menu backgrounds.
-New intro movie.
-Music on menu screen.
-Icon for Steam's "My Games" menu.
-"Red/Blue team wins!" banner on end of game.
-Announcer sound when flag is dropped.
-New art for team and class menus.
-Block LOD (level of detail) models.
-Optimized block skins.
-Physics damage in combat.
-Panel to display who currently holds the flag.

-Flag status HUD shows name of player carrying flag if taken.
-Damage multiplier on unfrozen blocks to allow unfrozen blocks to
take more damage before "dying".
-All loose blocks freeze on end of build round, unless block is
in a no-freeze zone.
-Grenade throwing distance lowered by 20%.
-Manual flagdrop drops flag from the waist in front of the player,
rather than from the head back onto the head. Check is made for
obstructions between player and drop point (to prevent dropping
through walls).
-Health charger amount per use increased by 50%.
-Armor charger amount per use increased by 50%.

Class changes
Engineer (previously "Builder")
-Can now use mouse1 to punt carried blocks in combat.
-Blocks become temporarily frozen while in the freezing process.
-Carried blocks can be shot out of an Engineer's grasp, except
when crouching.
-Can heal and repair players with the gravity gun with the repair key.
-AR2 (pulse rifle) does slightly less damage.
-Damage of shots fired from the AR2 degrades over distance.
-Added sf_atrium
-Added sf_city
-Added sf_deck
-Added sf_tallgrass
-Added sf_tread
-Removed sf_nowhere
-Updated sf_tactical to fix the behavior of the build walls when a
team controls both switches.
-Updated sf_rooftop to allow players access to both sides of the map
without building.
-Updated sf_platform
-Added cubemaps to sf_valley.
-Fixed issues with sf_valley.
-Added cubemaps to sf_fieldtrip.

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