Half Life: Gangwars Version 1.4


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Gangwars is a modification for Half Life that lets you play the game with a new type of gameplay and setting.

Gangwars offers:

-15 realistic weapons
-Two gangs, eigth different crews
-Round based
-Matrix controlled weapon system imported dynamically from encrypted Excel spreadsheet
-Parametric weapon accuracy
-New improved weapon physics - texture based bullet penetration, accurate brass ejection, realistic clip reloading, etc.

-Revised network code - low-ping gameplay
-Truncated Half-Life SDK - removed all monsters, AI and non-multiplayer code
-New world physics - heat explosion, expanding smoke, etc.
-Oscillating team play format - re-spawn teammates
-New player rating system 'juice'
-Upgrade weapons depending on juice level
-Map specific weapons, damage, upgrades, and all kinds of server tweaks
-Online server stats and ads - scrolling server ads and 64 different smart stats for observers and dead players

-New scoring system
-New team play - read manual
-Half-Life 9-way blending model support
-Stable server. No crashes
-Highly configurable gameplay for server administrators
-Built-in statistics browsing graphical user interface
-Built-in administration graphical user interface
-Built-in GUI voting system
-Built-in hall of fame system
-Built-in multi-password, multi-level administration
-Built-in high ping kicking and banning service
-Atmospheric high-quality gangster beats and music

And much more

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