Half Life: Public-Enemy Beta v1.0


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Public-Enemy Released!
4/29/2003 10:57 PST | Community | by Fragmaster |
Public-Enemy has released their long-awaited version 1.0 beta. Here's just a few of the features:

*Dark, neorealistic Scenario with a voluminous background story
*Fast and actionfull but also very tactical gameplay, whereby the teamplay stands in the foreground
*2 interesting and new playmodes
*6 impressing and completely different Maps with weather effects like fog, rain and snow
*Approximately 30 weapons From the AK-47 over the Seburo CX up to the multifunctional grenade
*Huge miscellaneous equipment helmet, extremity protection, stimpack etc.
*Extremely good weapon and player models
*Suitable Soundtrack which plays in the background on every Map
*Meaningful purchase and point system
*Interesting character development, which allows to reach his target for example as hacker, tactician or by raw force
*Exclusive support of the best anticheatsoftware Cheating death
*HLTV Support

Mod Info:

Public-Enemy - The Dark Future is a Half-Life modification. In this connection - we
the developers - set a basic value on a dark and atmospheric game world and an
interesting character development for the player.
In this modification you will find two teams that play the basic role in this game and
they will fight against each other in front of this futuristic scenery.
But, Public-Enemy is not another Team-Deathmatch game it is much more than that.
You will be a part of this world and based on the simple, but extensive character
development it will be individual and not another clone.
The graphic aspects, game play features and the design offer you new and
interesting possibilities to explore the world of Public-Enemy.

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