Half Life: The Specialist Beta 1.5


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The Specialist is a modification for Half Life, and the beta has moved on to version 1.5. The Specialist combines good gun realism with stunts and moves you see in action movies.


-voting system (maps, dm or tdm, ff on/off)
-2 sec of invulnerabiliy at respawn.
-some weapons adjusted.
-zoom levels adjusted.
-slowmatch (new game modality) , simply give you slowmo seconds each frag.
-slow indicator (when under slowmo effect).
-bot crash in skyscraper fixed.
-bot use powerups and weapon items.
-random buy.
-"usepowerup" command added (watch controls section), you can still use powerup with twice "use".
-added "low-gravity" powerup.
-"Kung fu" powerup works until you die, also you can pick up other powerups.
-say "timeleft" to view how much time remain.
-say "ff" to view if ff is on/off.
-say "slow" to view if slowmatch is on/off.
-adjusted third person view while ducking.
-30% of FF.
-in DM special frags for knife, throwing knife, kungfu, stunt frags.
-attack1 stand for slot1 and attack2 for slot10 (so you can confirm the menus using instead the numbers [1 or 0] the mouse buttons).
-lasersight and flashlight are active by default.
-Vgui for select team now works.
-Now you can buy a full load of knife or grenades.
-beretta ,ak and fnh sound updated.
-crosshair & Lasersight adjusted and blinded (there's no way to change original TS crosshair, if players want to see the dot and be more accurated use lasersights).
-mp5k,mp5sd,mk23,mk23akimbo models updated.
-player with 80 free slots can run a bit faster.
-you can spawn without equipment if you want.
-every 3 consecutive frags you'll get some points of health.
-ts parking has been updated
-New player and weapon models, skins and animations.
-Advanced Particle system.
-3D MuzzleFlashes.
-AutoDetail algorithm.
-Lots of special moves like: stunts divided into dives , airwheels , rolls.
-Easy and useful stunts system control.
-Buy system to acquire equipment ingame, it’s also possible save & load personalized weapon configurations.
-23 different weapons (handguns,rifles, shotgus, grenades, knives).
-realistic weapon damage, also with wallpiercing possibility.
-Possibility to add various accessories on the weapons (like silencer,laser,scope,flashlight).
-customizable HUD colors.
-Close combat (martial arts unarmed combat system).
-It’s possible to play with slow-motion/bullet time also during multiplayer.
-4 game modes : DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Round Teamplay with objectives, Round Teamplay without objectives (RoundDeathMatch).
-Powerups/bonus (only in DM and TeamDM).
-Built in Bots

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