Half Life: Vampire Slayer Chapter 4.1


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Half Life: Vampire Slayer Chapter 4.1 Full Install:

Vampire Slayer is a Half-Life teamplay mod where you can either chose to be a Vampire or a Slayer. The objective for each side is to kill all the players on the other side with the winning team being the side with the last surviving player(s). The Slayers come fully kitted out with assorted Vampire Slaying paraphernalia such as stakes, crossbows, shotguns and machineguns whilst the Vampires rely on their superior physical attributes to get the job done. Vampires can also move silently so a fresh change of underwear is often carried by wannabe Slayers.

Although not having any weaponry the Vampires aren't easy fodder as they cannot be killed by conventional attacks. Bullets will simply knock them down - if you don't get in there and shove a stake through their heart they'll be back up and chasing you down in no time. The Vampires also feed on dead bodies to recover health so this breed of hell-spawn is far from a push over.

The action is dark and moody in Vampire Slayer, let's just hope your nerves are up to it.

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