IHRA Drag Racing v1.01


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* Fixed bug with computer cars not meeting current class restrictions.
* Fixed bug with Maximum Blower Gear restriction validation.
* Fixed bug with validation of "list-type" restrictions (i.e. Car types, Manifolds, etc).
* Fixed bug with computer cars not getting body damage.
* Fixed bug with determining lane choice in later rounds of an event.
* Fixed bugs with joystick and wheel controller programming.
* Fixed bug with collision sounds constantly looping.
* Fixed bugs with VCR playback (NOTE: previously saved telemetry files will not be valid).
* Fixed bug with tree handicap in bracket racing.
* Fixed bug with not being disqualified for colliding with walls or opponent.
* Fixed bug with front and rear wing element changes not being stored.
* Fixed bug with not being able to set your dial-in or delay.
* Fixed bug with New England track gray screen.
* Fixed bug with computer cars getting disqualified when the pre-stage rule is on.
* Fixed bug with race statistics updating.
* Fixed line-lock bug.
* Fixed non-working gauges on the instrument panel.
* Fixed multiple bugs with computer car AI.
* Smoke can now be turned off if slider is all the way to the left.
* Pre-stage rule will only be in effect if car is going slow enough.
* Cars will now automatically DQ if it takes longer than 2 minutes for them to finish a race.


* Added the ability to skip a race that is currently in-progress.
* Added the ability to skip all races prior to your own.
* On inspection screen, added display of items that will be ignored or turned off
as a result of the inspection using the current class restrictions.
* Added temperature gauge, distance gauge, wheelie bar, wing, and minimum number
of gears restrictions.
* Added display of restriction range when editing them.
* Added reaction time calculation and display on redlight.
* Added hacked file detection.
* Added the ability to save a timecard text file by pressing any of the keys 0-9
while the timecard graphic is displayed. The file will be placed in the
SavesRaces folder and named 'timecard' followed by the key that was pressed.
* Added the automatic saving of Event.log files to the SavesRaces folder.
* Added the display of front and rear wing areas on the chassis screen.
* Added telemetry autosave functionality which will automatically save telemetry
files to the SavesTelemetry folder for each of your races in an event.
* Added auto-staging feature which, if on, will automatically stage your car for you.
* Added engine damage and the ability to blow your engine.
* Added torque transfer to cars.
* Added the ability to save, go to the shop, analyze data, or quit just prior to
your race in a local event.
* Added the last IP address entered into the options file.
* Added version display to splash/startup screen.
* Alphabetically sorted the track and car lists.

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