IL Sturmovik v1.0.4 Patch


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This patch contains 3 new aircraft and a ton of fixes and enhancements. Grab the supplement patch also if you have stutter problems!

======= Version 1.04 Changes =======

New Stuff

1. New flyable: Berezniak-Isaev BI-1 Soviet rocket fighter (third-party development, including a third party developed short campaign mode for this aircraft).

2. New flyable: P.Z.L. P.11c Polish fighter (third-party).

3. New flyable: Messerschmitt Bf-109 F-4 German fighter.

4. Implemented a more realistic flaps deployment behavior.

5. Control surfaces now retain authority in both directions when using trim.

6. Made keyboard trim input less sensitive.

7. Reworked flight models (see section 3).

8. Added a Full Mission Builder feature restricting available planes in dogfight games (see section 4).

9. Reworked the on-line kill messaging system (see section 5).

10. Added an integrated FPS meter (see section 6).

11. Added a server console command to define plane icons visibility and other options (see section 7).

12. Added server-defined timeout limits and player auto-kicking (see section 8).

13. Implemented ability to play B/W tracks between campaign missions (see section 9).

14. The server may now issue ToD console command to manipulate the time of day (see section 10).

15. A new 'Toggle Icon Types' control command can be used to cycle through icon options to simplify or remove them. It can be found in the Misc. section of the Controls screen.

16. In the joystick input profile, the sensitivity coefficients now scale the input to the appropriate percentage rather than the maximal value.

17. Reworked padlock target selection and cycling procedures.

18. Increased the padlock maximal distances to 5 km for aerial targets, and 7 km for the ground ones.

19. The padlock now activates only if the target is truly visible.

20. The padlock triangle marker is now drawn even when the icons are off. It is possible to switch the marker off by using the difficulty settings. If you wish to switch off this triangle marker while in fully realistic mode, utilize the setting toggle located in the Misc. section under 'Toggle Icon Types'.

21. In addition to the clouds, the padlock now is now obscured by the cockpit frame as well as the aircraft wings and landscape elevations.

22. Converted ShVAK APT bullets to APIT.

23. Added APIT type bullets into UB-series machineguns loadouts.

24. Added APIT type bullets into .50 cal Browning machineguns.

25. Converted VYa AP shells to API.

26. Implemented wing guns non-synchronization and nose cannons barrel vibration.

27. Raised the contrails altitude to 7000 m.

28. Increased airfield visibility distance to 16 km.

29. Included a number of pre-defined Polish squadrons to use with the P.11.

30. Included new switch of difficulty settings "No Map Icons"

31. Included new feature to assign MGs and Cannons to one button (in Controls menu)

Bug Fixes

1. Removed freezes in on-line games when a player takes off to re-fly a previously flown plane.

2. You will now hear bullet hit when taking hits in an on-line game.

3. When spawning in the air when on-line, the aircraft engine is started automatically.

4. You will now hear rear gunner firing when playing on-line.

5. When playing a dogfight game, the rear gunners will run out of ammo simultaneously on all front-ends.

6. Fixed bug with trains and car columns not being destroying correctly when playing a cooperative mission.

7. The situation with destroyed buildings, bridges, and other constructions is now synchronized when playing an on-line game, even in dogfight mode.

8. When a bridge is bombed, the objects traveling over it are now correctly destroyed, synchronizing their status and giving proper score points when playing cooperative games.

9. Aircraft gunners will no longer shoot when the plane is damaged beyond critical limit or when the crew is trying to bail out.

10. AI aircraft will dump their bomb load passively on landing.

11. The autopilot will no longer dump bombs infinitely on landing when 'unlimited ammo' difficulty flag is set.

12. Bombs will no longer detonate if the player's aircraft crashes with 'invulnerability' on.

13. Autopilot can now take controls of a badly trimmed plane, by means of resetting the trims.

14. LaGG-3 IT internal cockpit model now matches the external model.

15. Added armor plate for the P-39 Q series externals.

16. Corrected rates of fire for MK 108 and MK 103 guns.

17. Corrected 37mm guns load for Il-2 /3M.

18. Bf-109's nose MK 108 cannon now has 65 rounds, and underwing MK 108s now have 35 rounds each.

19. Control surfaces will no longer get stuck when the aircraft speed drops enabling them to be deflected farther.

20. Wheel brakes won't screech when the gear wheels are shot off.

21. Pilots running into parked planes won't cause them to explode.

22. Dead AI crewmen will no longer move their heads to track their targets.

23. You no longer need to swing the throttle back and forth to get the correct throttle setting when a mission begins or restarts.

24. Polish national insignia on aircraft has been corrected.

25. Fixed visual bug with drop tanks while playing online.

26. Corrected the bug of il2setup program with settings of playback channels.

27. Removed 'Disable hardware voice manager' from il2setup due to the new optimization module.

28. Corrected engine sound position for P-39 (now it is behind pilot).

29. Partially removed and optimized micro stutters in single play mode (requires second part of patch, V1.04a).

30. Optimized micro stutters in multiplay (requires second part of patch, V1.04a).

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