Iron Front - Liberation 1944 Patch v1.01 to v1.02


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The tactical shooter is settled in war-torn Poland during the last phase of World War II. Either on the Russian or the German side, players fight to win crucial battles during the summer of 1944 in the campaign mode or the various multiplayer missions. “Iron Front – Liberation 1944” is now available exclusively for the PC.

What's New in This Version:

• New: Added additional mining features.
• *New: Added the DT machine gun as a complete weapon, it's located in the USSR ammo crate.
• *Fixed: Fixed the work of multiplayer.
• *Fixed: Fixed various bugs of Soviet and German campaign.
• *Fixed: Fixed the empty fields in the editor for the french, spanish and italian language.
• *Fixed: Fixed the trucks - now they can carry mortar and mg parts in their cargo.
• *Fixed: M3 Scout car now also can tow anti-tank guns.
• *Fixed: Fixed various small building errors.
• *Fixed: Fixed some mistakes of the german infantry.
• *Updated: All small arms sounds are enchanced.
• *Updated: Updated the Blitzkrieg missions, fixed several bugs for them.

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