Journey's End v1.32


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Note that for the patches to work properly, you must install each and every patch (which is higher than the version installed by your CD) in the listed sequence.

(That is, 1.10 to 1.30 to 1.31, depending on what version your CD installs)

-Journey's End Patch V 1.11-


-New "Options" menu section that allows remapping of the key/mouse control configurations.

-Unwieldable weapons have their stats revealed when they are clicked on, so the user can better decide whether the weapon is worth pursuing the necessary statistics.

-Two new songs by Scott Zarchy (main menu song, and a new overworld song for the first overworld sequence).

-New Main Menu screen, better representing the action of Journey's End.

-Ability to cast spells with key/mouse button, supplementing the interface 'cast spell' button.


-Character Creation screen power point increase glitch fixed.

-Slight cutscene changes.

-Modified graphics in various areas.

-Myriad of small speed-increasing tweaks.

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