Kiss Psycho Circus 1.1 Patch Is Out!


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There are 3 versions of this patch, one for those of you who already installed the beta patch, one for you collector's edition people and the last one is for those of you who have yet to patch their versions at all!

Here's a quick look at what's been changed...

-Six new multiplayer maps.
-Optimized multiplayer bandwidth usage.
-Added new connection settings in multiplayer player setup menu.
-Added frame rate limit to benefit modem multiplay.
-Fixed third person Draco attack not being visible in multiplayer.
-Changed some weapon effects to happen instantly on the client.
-Added GameSpy support for games hosted by a dedicated server.
-Added console vars for server to start with any items/weapons.
-Added gibbing in multiplayer.
-Exit messages are displayed on world changes.
-Added ping display to in-game browser.
-When multiple servers show up in in-game browser, same server remains selected.

Pick your poison from the links below...

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