The Longest Journey v.160 Retail Patch


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Changes in Version 160:

- A number of fixes to font handling for Russian version.

- Bugfixes
- New default savegame location.
- setup dialog is now skipped by default
- Vista compatibility:
- sound engine upgrade
- support for multiple user accounts
- runs as restricted user (installation requires admin rights)

Changes in version 157:

- Fixes a crash at the altar in chapter 7.

"The Longest Journey" is an amazing graphical adventure, where the player controls the protagonist, April Ryan, on her journey through

more than 160 locations, spanning two original worlds, and featuring a cast of more than 50 speaking characters. "The Longest Journey"

will take you on an exciting and original journey of discovery, where you will explore, solve puzzles, meet new people, face

terrifying monsters, learn, grow, and live the adventure of a lifetime!

With a story spanning thirteen chapters and more than 30 hours of game-play, leading up to a surprising and emotional finale, "The

Longest Journey" is an epic, best-selling, award-winning adventure to be remembered.

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