Majesty : The Northern Expansion Update 2


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Bug Fixes And General Modifications:

- All Hotkeys now function as expected.
- Eliminated the bug that would allow the copious casting of Sorceror's Abode spells provided that the spells were hotkeyed.
- Fixed the bug related to the saving of Freestyle Quests.
- Outposts no longer cost a negative amount after building the fourth Outpost.
- Selecting "Multiplayer Internet Game" in the multiplayer options menu no longer sends you to "The Zone" (which no longer supports Majesty). It now sends you to "GameSpy Arcade" (which does).
- Music now continues even if you have completed your quest and choose to continue playing.
- Two missing portraits added to the Hall of Champions
- (Update #1) Added ability to play multiplayer games on GameSpy Arcade.

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