Martian Gothic Patch v2.0


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Additional incidental speech has been added.
Extrude (a.k.a. "spiders") behavior, generation, and combat have been improved.
Use of gamepads with the game has been improved.
You can now redefine the Inventory key from the Options screen.
Improvements have been made to the collision and detection of the floors and the base environment.
The Psionara (weapon) has been improved graphically and is now more lethal.
Various blind spots have been corrected.
Problems with the "Base Director's girlfriend" cut scene have been corrected.
Improvements have been made to various cut scenes.
Extrude (a.k.a. "spiders") behavior, generation, and combat have been significantly improved.
Greatly improved the grapple and combat with the Nondead.
The Trimorph in Salem Dorm has improved AI.
There is now a cut scene showing the Shuttle Bay doors opening, from the Zen Garden.
Getting attacked off screen now works better.
Shooting extrudes was improved, so that combat with them is more dynamic.
Ben Gunn is now more cooperative, and you can radio him to help you when you have been poisoned by the Extrudes.
Corrected a problem causing a crash when using the laser scalpel on the jammed door near the Kremlin.
Corrected a problem with shooting at Nondead when other "dead" bodies lay in front of them.
Whittaker's cut scene (man on Mars) improved.
Corrected a problem with objects, which could themselves be containers (e.g. Babybug/Weedkiller Gun).
Corrected two issues involving the scene where your character is being winched down over the alien tomb.
Corrected a crash problem in the Necropolis area.
All languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) now have the correct gestures for the radio and other cut scenes.

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