Mass Effect Patch 1.02


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Update 1.02
• The player will no longer become stuck in the Feros elevator
• Quickslot abilities are now disabled in elevators
• The pixilated bloom and DoF on Radeon x1650 and x1950 cards has been addressed
• GPF crashes when playing Quasar have been addressed
• The player's weapon will not auto fire if the fire button is released as an active loading screen appears
• Low LOD on Garrus' face has been addressed
• Reconfiguring the PRIMARY INTERACT key (Default set to E) to any other key will no longer make the ENTER key interact TWICE when used.
• Player will not become stuck in his action station in elevators (primarily occurred in the Peak 15 elevators)
• Occasional crash when encountering Rachni on UNC_73 has been addressed
• Using the enter key to add and remove talent points will function properly
• GUI: Pressing U when first getting control of Shepard and then pressing ESC to close it will not cause the player to lose all input functionality
• Romance confrontation conversation will fire after 3rd planet complete
• The player will no longer become stuck when using the Enter key rather than the primary interact key to initiate conversation with certain followers on the Normandy
• Audio skipping during conversations has been addressed
• Addressed cases where Realtec HD audio users were experiencing issues with cut off / crackling audio after patching the game to version 1.01
• The issue regarding dynamic character shadows appearing grainy has been resolved.
• Nihilus and all Turians are no longer missing their face markings
• The issue of Garrus having no lighting on his face until a save is loaded has been addressed
• The game will now create save files when "My Documents" is set to the root of a drive
• -The issue where PCs with NVIDIA GeForce 8xxx and above video cards were experiencing random General Protection Fault crashes appears to have been fixed with the GeForce 182.06+ drivers. Please ensure when playing Mass Effect that all PC drivers are up to date.

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