Maximum-Football 2.0 v2.2.90 Patch


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Among the changes are improvements to some animations, an overhauled decision-making process for QB passing, better AI protocol for calling timeouts and choosing plays, the addition of zones for FG and punt returns, a variety of fixes, and much more! The v2.2.90 update also marks the final update for Maximum Football 2.0 for the foreseeable future.


• Saved games now properly load the game report. if you were already in game, then loaded a saved game, the game report would load as expected. If you loaded a game from the main menu, the game report would be reset in the process of the game setup. This now works as expected.
• Made some minor changes to the QB read AI to further ensure that players in a blocking state other than BLKS_NONE are not thrown to.
Enabled zones for FG and Punt returns.
• Fixed the half time settings for time outs if you load a game saved at the half.
• Game logs now properly report the plays that resulted in a rushing loss.
• Added a check for presnap penalties to prevent a user from snapping the ball after an offensive lineman has gone offside.
• Adjusted the Maximum Seasons generation for players. This should impact how quickly players retire. (should completely remove the one year wonder)
• Verified that Touchdowns also grant First Downs if applicable.
• Fixed a bug with loading schedules if quick simming full seasons at a time.
• A good field goal no longer displays the missed field goal text in the message bar.
• Changed the time in the process that the AI looks to call a time out. Now the AI checks for a time out just as the tackle is made rather than after the play dead process is complete.
• [KEYON] commands now do a better job of switching to [M2M OVER COVER] if the target player crosses the LOS. This is a change in command logic that may require some defensive plays to be looked at to ensure they're still doing what they were designed to do.
• Minor change to the opening sequence animation.
• Fixed a couple of minor bugs with the game reports.
• Fixed a bug loading the player stats if the career total passing yards was over 32000.
• Changed the huddle up process for the indoor game so that players snap back to the huddle automatically after the play. This is done because on occasion players can get stuck on the wall and not get back to the huddle like they can on outdoor fields.
• Tweaked the QB passing decision making. The QB now does a better job of finding the most appropriate receiver to throw to.
• The QB's INTL skill now also plays a larger roll in this process meaning that a QB of lower intellegence may not always throw to the best receiving option available. The Receiver check off process remains unchanged so if you take the time to design plays with a check off system, the QB will still follow that.
• Added a testing tool in the playbook designers. This will allow you to force feed a playbook game scenarios to see what plays and playgroups the playbook will use.
• Display of dialog boxes is considerably faster now.
• Fixed the presnap stats popup (lower right) that had the home team listed on the top.
• The first draft of a season now places the teams in a random order rather than alphabetic. After the first draft, teams are still ordered in the reverse order of the previous season record.
• Fixed the 'no' button on the End Season confirmation dialog so it actually stops the process.
• Rebuilt the basic box score system (general game stats shown at quarter time) so that player names don't conflict with the tags used to display stats.
• Minor animation improvements.
• Fixed a bug displaying the arcade receiver icons when loading a saved game.
• Fixed a 'double' recording stats problem with touch downs.
• Changed the validation of adding players to your roster. Now, if you attempt to add a player to your roster that is of a position not listed in your team profile, you will not be able to add the player. You will need to adjust your team profile first, then add the player.
• The CPU will now remove a player from a roster if it is of a position that is not listed in the Team Profile.
• Added a 'repair' database function to the utilities to correct a rare problem that can occur with the microsoft JET database engine.
• Fixed the ambient crowd noise when playing a 3D league game.

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