Medal of Honor: Airborne v1.2 - v1.3 Patch


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IMPORTANT NOTE: To Update to Patch 1.3, you must first have Patch 1.2 installed.

This update for Medal of Honor Airborne adds two new maps, Objective Mode for multiplayer, and two new weapons for dedicated server games, in addition to multiple bug fixes.

New Features

* Added the option to replace the rifle class with a non- scoped Springfield for dedicated servers.
* Added the option to replace the rifle class with a non-scoped G43 for dedicated servers.
* Heraklion map is playable in all multiplayer game modes.
* The Hunt Classic map is playable in all multiplayer game modes.
* Objective Mode has been added for all maps in multiplayer.
* Added an in-game server admin tool (Rcon).
* Added a new server command “say†that allows server admins to make announcements through the console or in-game RCon tool. The announcements will appear on all connected clients and will be distinguished with both a prefix and different color.
* Every in-game message is now logged in game console (press to access it)
* Several options have been set up for which team defends during Objective Mode.
* Kill messages now correspond to a weapon type.

The Update size is large b/c all maps in multiplayer were edited to include Objective Mode, and two brand new maps were added.

The dedicated server is a new build of the server and will not patch the existing server. This is also because all the content has been touched. To patch the server would be almost as big as to release a new one. The Linux server is being worked on and will be updated as soon as possible.

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