Messiah (Demo update)


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What does the patch 0.2 solve?
- Fixed graphical corruption when high resolution character setting was selected.
- Game no longer calls setgamma more than once per frame to avoid pallette corruption and system hangs on the GeForce video cards.
- Added menu option to turn on functionality for FSAA on Voodoo 5 and GeForce 2 video cards.
- Addressed general stability problems.
- Crash fixed when saving and loading during kissing animations.
- Menu option added to disable level pre-loading to address an issue where some systems would hang during heavy combat or loading of a new area.
- Graphic corruption fixed between levels while loading.
- Graphic corruption fixed when quitting current game and starting a new one from the main menu.
- Respawn added to the Outskirts area to address logic problem.
- Issue addressed where player could exit the level into black void near the entrance to the Wasteplant.
- Fixed various issues with F5 message.
- Fixed various problems with CD music loops.
- Fixed issue with end sequence not playing after saving and loading in the Satan boss arena.
- Fixed various minor gameplay issues.

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