Microsoft Flight Simulator will have 10 disc physical edition


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Microsoft Flight Simulator will be one of the year's biggest releases, both in terms of its industry impact, its status within its niche genre, and in install size, with the game expected to require over 150GB of space when it's ready to play. But it will also be a monster of a physical game, with Microsoft planning to launch a 10 DVD version of the game totalling a massive 85GB.

As PCGamer points out, the original Microsoft Flight Simulator was released in 1982 on a single 360KB 5.25-inch floppy disc. This represents a slight step up from that, but it has been a near 40 year gap.

The game itself won't take up all the space on the discs though. There will be a good chunk of the game code itself, as well as major assets, but there will also be heaps of extra content. There will be third-party files and optional streamed content for online play, as well as game art and other extras.

You'll still need a high-speed internet connection to play though. Microsoft Flight Simulator relies heavily on the cloud for rendering and streaming real-world weather content right into the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will hit closed beta on July 30, and will release to the wider world on August 18.

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