Might & Magic Heroes VI Patch 1.5.1


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This patch will update Heroes of Might & Magic 6 v1.5 to version 1.5.1.
Patch v1.5.1 changelog:

Game Interface:
• Added the Townscreens for all factions
• Added a “Close Townscreens button” replacing the “Next Turn” button in the Townscreen Menu.
• Added a Hide GUI button in the Townscreen Menu
Game Content:
• Added the Adventure Pack compatibility
Major Balancing effort:
Abilities modifications:
• Direct Damage Spells power increase
• Healing Spells mana cost increase
Creature Abilities:
• Heal Core Units abilities only available for the upgraded version
• Light decrease on several Creature Abilities
• Hero Passive and Active Abilities
• Passive Characteristics bonuses increase
• Reputation Abilities
• Light characteristics modifications on all Faction units
Abilities/Creatures Description and Background modifications:
• Chain Lightning Hero Ability tooltip is now: Deals damage (Air) to the target stack and jumps to three extra enemy stacks. Damage is reduced by 15% by each jump.
• Lightning Bolt Hero Ability tooltip is now: Deals damage (Air) to target enemy creature.
• Fireball Hero Ability tooltip is now: Deals damage (Fire) in target 3x3 area."
• “Acid Cloud” Hero Ability display name now replaced “Poison Cloud” Hero Ability.
• Acid Cloud Hero Ability is now: Creates a 3x3 cloud of acid which deals damage (Earth) each turn. Lasts until the end of the combat.
• Acid Cloud description in Spell book is now: Conjures a 3x3 cloud of acid which inflicts Earth Damage every turn. Lasts until the end of the battle.
• Abyss Gate Hero Ability tooltip is now : Currently acting friendly stack returns to the Abyss, then comes back in reinforced in the next turn. The gate remains on the combat map and can be destroyed. If the gate is destroyed the stack can only return after the combat. Will not increase stacks above their original maximum.
• Fog Veil Hero Ability effect tooltip is now: All Creatures affected by Storm Winds are now dealt damage (Air) and also inflicted by the “Dazed” effect.

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