Mount & Blade v0.950 to v0.960


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Taleworlds has released a patch updating Mount & Blade from v0.950 to v0.960.

Changes and bug fixes in this version are as follows:
Lots of fixes related to strategical faction AI.
Lance models now match their length in item stats correctly.
Bug with speed bonus calculation fixed.
Troop portraits displayed correctly in notes window in DirectX7 mode.
Faces should no longer be entirely black on some older video cards in Dx7 mode.
Various problems with the physics system fixed.
AI pathfinding improved.
Bug fixed where sometimes an arrow would pass through the target without colliding.
Various crashes related to parties being removed fixed.
Face generator changes.
Rock physics objects now match their models.
Siege defense is no longer lost automatically when the player is knocked unconscious.
Retirement system fixed.
Siege attacks are now started more frequently if the player is around (either defending or attacking).
Looting a village now produces some cattle.
You can now put captured lords into town or castle prisons.
Miscellaneous other fixes and changes.

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