Mount & Blade v0.952 Patch


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Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that version 0.952 is finally ready.

I hope you will see for yourself that this is the most sophisticated and improved Mount&Blade version so far, and this fact owes itself to the extra-ordinary efforts of our team and community. First and foremost, I want to thank Steve (aka nijis) who designed and wrote some of the most exciting new features of this version, breathing fresh life to Mount&Blade's gameplay and atmosphere. Also a newer addition to the team but no less welcome, was Ryan (aka Winter), who did a wonderful job rewriting and polishing dialogs, menu and quest texts, making it all so much more inspiring and fun to read. Our programmer, Cem has worked relentlessly, adding new features, fixing and improving the AI and everything else. Our art team, including Ozgur, ipek, Mustafa and our new animator, Pinar (Special congratulations are in order here, because she's getting married tomorrow!!!) have created wonderful looking new models, animations and enviroments. Our concept artist Ganbat has sent us some stunning new drawings and our voice actor Tassilo has sent some excellent new voice samples. We'll also have some very exciting surprises for you soon, from yet another new addition to Mount&Blade team, but let that be my secret for the time being.

But what made it all this possible was you people, all the wonderful Mount&Blade players. You provided us with great ideas, criticism and feedback. You made the project stand on its feet by supporting it financially, buying it and recommending it to friends. You inspired us, encouraged us, made wonderful mods, and created a great community. So, my thanks to you all.

This is not the final version yet, but we have put in most of the features we are planning to, and after this, our job will mostly be polishing rough corners and fixing bugs and problems. To this end, I hope that you will help us, as you always do, by providing feedback, comments and bug reports. We have the basics here, but there is still a lot to do, especially in terms of long term game balance, but I am sure, together, we'll create a stable and very fun game by the time we have the final release.

Now, without further ado, I present you Mount&Blade 0.952...

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