Mount & Blade: Warband Patch v1.153


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Introducing a vast array of brand new features, Warband, the first expansion pack for Mount & Blade, allows a massive number of players to battle each other on a single map in a team death-match style combat.
Assemble your army and train the most fearsome warriors to help you into battle. The ultimate prize is out there. Will you be able to claim the throne of Calradia?
Make sure that you defeat the enemies and protect the lands. Deep kingdom management, real time army command and intense strategic fighting make Mount and Blade a unique experience.

What's New in This Patch:
• Troop AI for choosing weapon for different situations has been updated.
• Ranged troop AI not being able to choose a target under certain circumstances bug has been fixed.
• New operations for modders.
• Some fixes and operation enhancements for modders.

Single player:
• Town economies are now more balanced.
• Several other bug fixes.

• Two new multiplayer maps have been added: Canyon and Desert Town.
• HTTP communication has been rewritten due to connection issues reported by players.

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