Neverwinter Nights 1.29 - 1.30 Patch


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This patch will update the retail version of Neverwinter Nights to version 1.30.

Patch Information:


Added Hobgoblin and Pit Fiend creatures to the game resources.
Added database access scripting commands.
Made some improvements to network performance.
Made some fixes to prevent game/character hacking. Sorry, but we will never publically discuss specific changes to the game with regards to hacking the game.
Made several game stability fixes.
Changed the connection panel so if you press Cancel on GameSpy connect it will dump you to the History/Favorites/Buddies pages.
Fixed bug with buddy list where buddy names list was not showing correct name associated with server. Also fixed bug where there was an extra server showing up with ping of -1 that didn't really exist.
Fixed a bug where if you loaded a module with a hak pack that had a custom creature in it, quit out, then loaded it again it would crash.
Fixed the character sheet displaying the incorrect "Attack Bonus" after loading a saved game from within the game.
Charsheet now also displays your base attack bonus.
"Limited" animation creatures can now use bows and crossbows.
Fixed loading saved games if the save folder did not specify a number.
Made a symptomatic fix to a counterspell issue where the character would walk up to its target.
Fix to disarm/recover trap progress GUI not disappearing when the character or familiar doing it dies.
Scripts on custom area of effect objects are now being loaded in from saved games properly.
Changed the feedback system on skills to handle traps that cannot be disarmed. Now if you try and disarm/recover a trap that is not flagged as disarmable, your character will try just like on a normal trap, then it will give a message saying *success will never be possible*.
Fix to trap feedback messages, before it was reporting success not possible when it actually was possible.
Fixed some combat debugging feedback messages in regards to AC Decrease properties.
Made "spell immunity"/"saving thow" user feedback messages display in a more intuitive manner.
Fixed a bug so now Halflings Good Aim bonus will show up on the character sheet.
Added feedback for when a henchman runs out of ammunition.
Give appropriate alignment shifting feedback in all cases when you are getting close to losing/regaining the ability to level up in a class.
Game now displays "Item Acquired:..." feedback when the acquired item is stacked onto an existing item in the inventory.
Changed bodybags so they are called "Remains".
Changed the description on Body bags (when you examine them) to display the name of the object that spawned them.
Fixed a problem with some of Healer Kits/Theives Tools not getting the number of uses updated properly on your quickbar after they'd been used.
Changed level drain visual feedback system on the client extensively. Now it will show your level in red if your are level drained, it will also show saving throws and skills in red as they are effected by level drain. It will also always effect your highest level now, taking into account the level after negative levels have been applied.
We now display feedback on creature's saving throws, when you cast an AOE spell on them.
Damage Vulnerabilities on items are now being correctly removed when the item is unequipped.
Items with an AC Decrease property (e.g. -5 AC) will now give you the correct AC modifier.
Fixed a bug with multiple item effects not always being removed correctly when the item was unequipped.
Fixed a bug where you would lose an item that was unequiped due to losing a level.
Items can no longer be sold if they can't be unequipped.
Fixed problem with saving throw bonuses not getting properly removed when you unequip an item.
Fixed a problem where is some custom built modules, closing a door could sometimes cause a creature in a different part of the area to teleport into the room.
Door/Placeable traps that are flagged as undetectable in the toolset will now truely be undetecable.
Plot items should appear properly in the lostitems store now.
Plot items will now appear in the Divining Pool if a player logs out of a multiplayer game while in possession of them.
Fixed RemoveJournalQuestEntry so it'd pull the date and time as well.
Fixed bug where if you were a multiclassed cleric/ranger - spells were incorrectly showing up in the rangers known list.
Changed it so in 800X600 you can't enable the larger font. Also if you switch to 800X600 it will disable the large font option and switch you to the normal one if your already using it.
Fixed resting so that associates will now rest after any custom OnPlayerRest script has already fired.
Fix to the way AreaEffect spells were being saved and loaded in.
Stopped polymorph from firing off onexit and onenter scripts.
Fixed polymorphed spell casting via dragging spells to quickbar.
Polymorphed player creatures can now use potions.
Fixed a problem where a druid's weapons were not visible after leaving wild shape.
Fixes to domination. The effect should no longer partially remove itself when the associate is attacked, and they should no longer return their master as a valid enemy (since it was using their personal reputation values to adjust the happy friendly value).
Added "saving status" to the server status control on nwserver. The server status control will now display wether or not the save was successfull and the reason why any save attempts failed.
Made some changes to the nwserver gui layout for Japanese language support.
Fixed a bug with spell resistance increase/decrease not being handled properly.
Changed default violence setting (if there is nothing set in the ini file) to medium violence.
Fixed bug where recommended button on skill panel in character generation did nothing.
Recommended button on levelup will select the class last leveled up in (if the character can still gain a level in that class), otherwise it will now find a valid class, preferably one the character already has a level in.
Fixed some issues with dominating creatures and animal empathy.
Immortal creatures are immune to all 'state' effects (daze, sleep, paralyze, petrify, etc..)
Fixed problem where dead people would spawn in standing up and then immediately fall over (they now spawn in lying down).
Fixed a problem where creatures in a crowded location would sometimes appear on the wrong side of a door when loading a saved game.
Fixed bug with barter panel preventing chat from being resized after it is closed.
Changed min number of voice channels from 8 to 16. This SHOULD solve problems where combat sounds were not playing in certain rooms with lots of ambient sounds.
Fixed unlocking and locking of doors (with and without using a key). You can now lock doors with the proper key. Yay!
Poison and disease effects are no longer applied to dead creatures.
Fixed to Called Shot. Target will now only suffer a penalty if the Called Shot attack actually does damage (i.e. due to target having Damage Reduction).
Skill Decrease effects should stack properly now.
Fixed a bug where if you clicked at the just the right time on the legal screen the mouse wouldn't work when you got to main menu, forcing you to alt-tab out and back in for it to work again.
Stopped battlemusic from playing if you leave an area.
Fixes to Protection Vs Alignment spells.
Fixed immunity vs spells cast from a creature of a particular alignment type.
Fixed bonus saving throws so that they now work properly against Area of Effect spells cast by a creature of a particular alignment type.
You now get the +2 attack bonus for your initial attack when you're invisible.
Daze will now allow you to walk, but not cast spells or attack.
Fixed a problem with music sources in alternate directories.
Fixed a problem with the party bar icon missing in multiplayer when using a character from the character list instead of a saved game.
Fix for removing spells in levelup when they're on your quickbar.
Fixed quickbar item removal.
Made some fixes to damage resistance/reduction, so that it always decrements the damage limit by the correct amount (i.e. by a maximum of the amount resisted) and the user feedback messages are now displaying the correct values too.
Made some more fixes to the damage reduction system. The damage reduction feedback system has also been fixed so it is much less confusing and much more informative.
Fixed a problem where ingame keyboard shortcuts did not work if you had to enter your CD Key when starting the game.
Fixed level drain so skills now are effected by it.
Knockdown does a ClearAllActions().
Fixed bug where subrace was not being reset when user changed race.
Fixed a problem with you getting locked into conversation and being unable to successfully start a converstaion with another NPC.
Many changes to the way darkness works in combination with True Seeing/Ultravision.
DMs are no longer blinded by darkness.
The Blindness visual effect (screen black out) will no longer carry over from one game to the next.
Made some fixes to make sure that saved creatures load their animations properly.
Spells are now sorted in char generation, the level up panel, and the character sheet.
Fixed a spell casting issue. (Memorized count not always reducing).
Fixed bug with examine item in multiplayer.
Rangers companions are now the same level as shown in level up. They get the companion that compares to their real level now, not starting at level 6 any more.- Fixed imported characters and negative effects put on them making them unable to modify their action queue.
Fixed a crash that would happen if you tried to change the violence password and got it wrong.
Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when the host quit a mulitplayer game.
Fixed crash that could occur when damaging people who are pretending to cast a spell.
Fixed a crash that would rarely occur when casting spells at a target.
Fixed a crash that could occur when acquiring stackable equipped items that were able to merge with other items.
Fix to crash when copying gold to a player's repository.
Fixed clients hanging on a partially faded screen if the server autosaved while they were in an area transition.
Fixed crash caused by using up a potion and then dropping it on the quickbar.
Fixed a rare crash with Floaty Text and game loading.
DM Client

DM's can now open and modify any inventory, including players. They can give items, take them away, or equip and unequip them. Its pretty sweet!
DM characters will now remain invulnerable when loaded in from a saved game.
Fixed crash when reloading a saved game from within a running game (as a DM) when the saved game contained a DM saved character.
The difficulty setting will no longer reset when a DM logs into a multiplayer game. The DM's difficulty slider will now also update to the current server difficulty when logging in.
Now when a DM changes the difficulty slider, other DMs in the game will now see it change.
Fixed bug where DM's could not cast spells at NPC's.
Fixed a crash that could occur with DM Goto commands.

Added some new scripting commands - please refer to the Toolset for the details:

int GetAppearanceType(object oCreature);
void SpawnScriptDebugger();
int GetModuleItemAcquiredStackSize();
object CopyItem(object oItem, object oTargetInventory=OBJECT_INVALID);
void SetCampaignFloat(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, float flFloat, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
void SetCampaignInt(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, int nInt, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
void SetCampaignVector(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, vector vVector, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
void SetCampaignLocation(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, location locLocation, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
void SetCampaignString(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, string sString, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
void DestroyCampaignDatabase(string sCampaignName);
float GetCampaignFloat(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
int GetCampaignInt(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
vector GetCampaignVector(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
location GetCampaignLocation(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
string GetCampaignString(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
void DeleteCampaignVariable(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
int StoreCampaignObject(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, object oObject, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
object RetrieveCampaignObject(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, location locLocation, object oOwner = OBJECT_INVALID, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);
int GetItemStackSize(object oItem);
void SetItemStackSize(object oItem, int nSize);
int GetItemCharges(object oItem);
void SetItemCharges(object oItem, int nCharges);
int GetIsSkillSuccessful(object oTarget, int nSkill, int nDifficulty);
effect EffectSpellFailure(int nPercent=100, int nSpellSchool=SPELL_SCHOOL_GENERAL);
void SpeakStringByStrRef(int nStrRef, int nTalkVolume=TALKVOLUME_TALK);
void SetCutsceneMode(object oCreature, int nInCutscene=TRUE);
object GetLastPCToCancelCutscene();
float GetDialogSoundLength(int nStrRef);
void FadeFromBlack(object oCreature, float fSpeed=FADE_SPEED_MEDIUM);
void FadeToBlack(object oCreature, float fSpeed=FADE_SPEED_MEDIUM);
void StopFade(object oCreature);
void BlackScreen(object oCreature);
int GetBaseAttackBonus(object oCreature);
void SetImmortal(object oCreature, int bImmortal);
void OpenInventory(object oCreature, object oPlayer);
void StoreCameraFacing();
void RestoreCameraFacing();
int LevelUpHenchman(object oCreature, int nClass = CLASS_TYPE_INVALID, int bReadyAllSpells = FALSE);
void SetDroppableFlag(object oItem, int bDroppable);
int GetWeight(object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF);
object GetModuleItemAcquiredBy();
int GetImmortal(object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF);
string Get2DAString(string s2DA, string sColumn, int nRow);
effect EffectEthereal();
int GetAILevel(object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF);
void SetAILevel(object oTarget, int nAILevel);
int GetIsPossessedFamiliar(object oCreature);
void UnpossessFamiliar(object oCreature);
void PlaySoundByStrRef(int nStrRef, int nRunAsAction = TRUE );

Added a parameter to ActionStartConversation() to stop playing the hello.
Fixed an issue in scripting where the code would skip a switch evaluation line (in particular, if it was called without a compound statement as the statement inside an if, while, do/while or for statement!)
Copy item template name as part of copy item (used for infinite store items).
Fixed compilation bug that causes compiler/toolset to crash when a semi-colon immediately followed the "else" keyword.
Fix a crash related to GetCasterLevel().
Server-specific changes

Fixed a server crash when a creature that was the target of a spell was sent into limbo.
Made some improvements to network performance.
Made some fixes to prevent game/character hacking. Sorry, but we will never publically discuss specific changes to the game with regards to hacking the game.
Made several game stability fixes.
Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset

Added a new system for script caching on the game server. You can now cache your most frequently called scripts to help improve performance. Go to "Module Properties" and click on the new "Cached Scripts" tab.
Added ability to save and load a set of spell selections on the Spells tab of Creatures. Uh, is this the coolest thing ever, or what?
Added buttons on Scripts page of various object types to save an load a set of script assignments. Actually, this is pretty darn cool, too.
Added Autolevelup Package dropdown to Classes tab for Creatures, for use when autolevelling up a creature via scripting.
Changed representation of current area's treenode in the area treeview. Instead of being in bold text, it now uses the Script Editor's keyword color. Bold text was causing sizing issues with certain fonts, most notably in Japanese.
When deleting temp0 folder, delete read-only files as well as files of types unknown to the resource manager. If the directory cannot be removed, show an error message.
Added double-click support to Inventory dialog. Double-clicking a treeview item sends it to the backpack/store. Double-clicking a backpack item attempts to equip it. Double-clicking an equipped item unequips it.
Added Cancel button to Build Module progress bar.
Added warnings when editing a resource that is in a Hak Pak, and added option to enable/disable the resource-is-in-Hak-Pak warning.
Fixed creation of temp directories for new modules so that they are called "temp0" instead of just "0".
Changed handling of stray temp directories in the modules folder. Toolset will try to use only temp0, not any of the higher numbers. It will automatically remove a stale temp0 if temp0 is empty, and prompt to remove temp0 if it is not empty but contains no module.ifo to recover. It will now do the temp0 check on every attempt to create a new module or open an existing one.
Added support in the Resource Selection dialog for "x#_" resref filters when the filter currently in use begins with "nw_" or "plc_".
Modifications to current area now prompted for save when exporting the current area via File|Export. It had already been doing this when exporting via the area treeview's Export context menu option.
Added Armor Class field to the Appearance tab for armor being edited in the Item properties dialog. This makes it easier to see the effect of armor appearance on AC. This is simply a duplicate of the one on the General page.
Added Armor Check Penalty, Arcane Failure Rate, and Max Dex Bonus fields to Item properties dialog.
Fixed bug in item dialog where Stack Size adjustments using the UpDown control would update the Total Cost field using the previous stack size value.
Fixed bug in Store Dialog where the Sell Mark Up would increment when attempting to increase the Buy Mark Down past its maximum. The Sell Mark Up now remains the same.
Inventory dialog for stores now consistent with game in terms of buy/sell values. Minimum buy/sell price is 1 gp at all times, except for plot items, which are always 0 gp buy/sell.
Static Placeable objects forced to default animation, because that's the only animation the game supports for them.
Fixed stack overflow bug when placeable object properties opens an object whose portrait ID has no value in portraits.2da.
Open Lock and Close Lock DC now disabled when 'Key Required to Lock or Unlock' is checked.
Fixed minor bug with Preview Window layout cutting off information for triggers.
Fixed Preview Window not showing all information for Trigger and Store instances.
Fixed problem where in non-English languages, the users would see English text in the custom palettes, even when the custom palette node's blueprint did have a StrRef for its name. Refreshing a palette will now use the StrRef for a blueprint IF the blueprint name has a StrRef, AND the blueprint name's locstring does not have any embedded text.
Fixed bug where, if a module could not be opened, the toolset would say that required hak paks are missing even if there are no missing hak paks.
Fixed inability to cut/copy/paste in the non-modal dialogs appearing over the main toolset window (eg., the Find Instances dialog).
Fixed garbled characters in Store Setup Dialog when warning that the selected creature is of a hostile faction.
Fixed creature and item colors not updating when choosing their colors in their property dialogs when environment mapping is turned off.
Fixed memory leak in hak pak attachment in the module properties dialog.
Fixed encounter spawn point orientations not saving correctly when they are facing between 0 and 180 degrees.
Fixed OK button appearing on the generic warning dialog when it should not.
Fixed bug where, when trying to remove all references to a script or conversation from the module, it would stop after the first such removal in each area in the module, leaving the other object instances untouched.
Fixed bug where certain item types were being rotated about an incorrect axis when rotating them in the area viewer.
Fixed access violations and allocated memory overwrite errors when doing the following exact set of steps: Ctrl-C an instance, Ctrl-V, then select a different palette or blueprint, then select another instance and Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V.
Fixed bug where shrinking an area would not mark the area or module as modified.
Script Editor

Script Editor no longer parses #include files inside /* */-style block comments when generating the list of functions and variables in the sidebar
In Script Editor, Ctrl+F now prompts to search again from the beginning if the string was not found, just like F3.
Script Editor dialog remembers window state (maximized/normal)
Fixes bug where Script Editor would fail to compile conditional scripts when doing a Save All with Autocompile-on-save turned on.
Fixed bug where exporting a conditional script would sometimes not compile the script.
Conversation Editor

Added Insert Token button to Conversation Editor.
Conversation Editor remembers position of splitter bars.
Added Ctrl+F, Ctrl-R, and F3 shortcut keybindings to Conversation Editor.
Fixed Conversation Test dialog's initial test node not showing all the text for a response that has long, multiline text.
Fixed BadStrRef context menu item in the Conversation Dialog Input dialog. It now reads "Insert Token".
Fixed bug in Conversation Editor where the [END DIALOGUE] indicator on a PC node (and all nodes linking to it) would not disappear after pasting an NPC node under it (either as a link or for real).
Journal Editor

Journal Editor no longer re-sorts the Entries within a Category unless the last edited Entry had its ID changed. This reduces the frequency with which the treeview will scroll to the right when moving among the treenodes (the scrolling was annoying).
Journal Editor has vertical scrollbars in text entry fields now.
Plot Wizard

Changed Plot Wizard basic page to show blueprint full names instead of resrefs.
When loading a plot blueprint, Plot Wizard no longer asks for confirmation to overwrite the current plot if the current plot has not been modified.
Fixed progress frame sometimes not repainting when changing the status of a line or set of lines.
Fixed progress frame having red X's for all steps when reopening a plot or an existing plot node. The steps are now marked with green checks to reflect that they had been completed already.
localized plot overwrite confirmation when loading plot blueprint in plot wizard.

added a script debugger, spawnable from scripting - utilsDebugServer.exe
NOTE: YOU MUST GO INTO THE TOOLSET OPTIONS AND TURN ON THE OPTION "Generate Debug Information When Compiling Scripts"
added a command-line script compiler - utilsclcompile.exe
added a database packing program - utilsDataPack.exe
2DA Files Changed in this Update


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