No More Room In Hell Patch v1.01


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No More Room in Hell" is/will-be a free to play HalfLife 2 mod. It's a multiplayer, 8 player co-op survival horror game with a focus on semi-realism. It was inspired by the "Of The Dead" zombie franchise which is were it gets its namesake.

Keep in mind that this does not fix everything, and there will still be crashes from time to time. We want to keep improving the game to be the best experience it can be. In order to achieve that goal, we want your input on how best to do that! Come join our forums and contribute your thoughts!

REMEMBER - For Patch 1.01 to be effective in fighting crashes, we ask that you delete your Config.cfg file in your Sourcemods/nmrih/cfg folder!

Now, here is the Changelist for Patch 1.01:

• Cleared out config_default.cfg except binds (should fix most crashes when changing maps)
• Fixed godmode when mp_friendlyfire is 0
• Rewrote shaders to be more efficient and prevent crashing
• Fixed viewmodel particles (and flashlight) appearing wrong to an observer
• Tweaked default values of map length, overlord despawn timeout
• Player names should now always appear above the player's head
• Friendly fire damage has been reduced (which is now a convar, sv_friendly_fire_factor)
• Players will not incorrectly turn now if killed by another player (only if killed by headshot by another player)
• Fixed phalanx bottle orientation on hip
• Fixed phalanx bottle not being removed after being used (causing the floating pills)
• Screen shader effects can be disabled by turning off "nmrih_screenspace" ConVar
• Fixed sv_realism damage
• Decreased cl_npc_interp to 0.1
• Made mp_timelimit 0 mean infinite time on the map
• Auto kick players that are idle for x amount of time (set by convar, typing / navigating ui does not count towards activity)
• Implemented Vote Kick / Vote Ban systems
• Added brush entity (func_ff_blocker) that prevents friendly fire for players inside of it, currently used in spawn rooms
• Fixed two female zombie sounds that were looping
• All zombie hitboxes have been rebuilt
• Lump allocation errors should now be fixed
• Players can now spawn into games for the first 2 minutes or first 2 objectives, whichever takes longer
• Tweaked damage based on new hitboxes
• Fixed turned zombie models leaning
• Added weapon switch keybinds to keybind menu
• Added picture of default keybinds to randomized loading screens
• Fixed issue where decals would be continually applied each map reset
• Added head gibbing to all zombie models (except player zombies)

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