Nvidia RTX 3080 could be 50% faster than 2080


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A new rumor of performance improvements with Nvidia's next-generation Ampere graphics cards suggests that the high-end Nvidia RTX 3080 (the step just below the alleged 3080 Ti/3090) could be as much as 50% faster than its predecessor, the RTX 2080. That would make it around 20 percent faster than a 2080 Ti — a huge leap in generational performance that we haven't seen since the release of the Pascal generation of GPUs.

The 2020 GPU release schedule is heating up with some really exciting release from both team green and team red. AMD is set to debut its Big Navi RDNA2 architecture, with some rumors pointing to it being around 50 percent faster than a 2080 Ti. If true, that would mean AMD competing at the top of the performance pile once again and with its own ray tracing support, AMD could be on to a winner.

But if Nvidia can pip it at the top with its second-best card matching performance, it will be down to pricing and additional features to see who gains the most popular high-end graphics cards in 2020.

Still, an AMD card that's only a few points away from the top would be a real change of pace from recent years, where AMD's best, the RX 5700, was still more than 30 percent below that of the 2080 Ti.

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