NWN Retail Patch v1.26 - v1.27


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This patch will update the retail version of Neverwinter Nights version 1.26 to version 1.27.

Neverwinter Nights Game

Added Rat and Dire Rat to game resources - demo area included (select the "DEMO - Thar be Rats! Yarrr!" module in game by choosing "Other Modules...")
Added support for Shiny Water for ATI Radeon users.
Official Campaign fixes:

- Chapter 1 - Fixed the force-field door in the Beggar's Nest Warehouse.
- Chapter 1 - fixed a blank journal entry problem.
- Chapter 2E - made a symptomatic fix to the Host Tower: Pinacle bug - currently
broken save games will have to follow the instructions here.
- Chapter 3 - fixed a blank journal entry problem.
- Chapter 3 - fixed force field doors in Creator Race Ruins so that they are closed.

Monks now suffer the penalty of equiping a shield just like equipping armour.
Made a preliminary fix for the infamous "Swapping Out the Blood Sailor Uniform After Being Shot By Arrows" crash. Oh man was this an obscure one to find.
Reversed size bonus for Knockdown so that the larger creature has the advantage as stated in the manual.
Changed Improved Knockdown so that the attacker knocks down as if it were one size larger, as stated in the manual.
Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset

Added the Plot Wizard, for more details see:
- Plot Wizard Introduction
- Plot Wizard Tutorial

Hak Pak Editor

Added an 'Export All' option.
Hak Pak editor now restricts file names to 16 characters when saving.
Exporting now prompts for a directory and not for each file that you are trying to export.
Neverwinter Nights Content Installer

Fixed small Windows icons from disappearing after exiting in Win9x.
Fixed menubar not rendering correctly on some Win9x machines.
Fixed text files not opening in notepad under Win9x.
Increased language support for all programs to include German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

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