Operation Flashpoint v1.10 & upgrade


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* Customised faces can now be inserted for use in multi-player games, in JPG format.
* "Walking" mode can be toggled with the 'F' key.
* It is now possible to turn while reloading.
* Weapon shadows now reflect the actual weapon held.
* You can now move when using optics while crouched.
* You will experience reduced weapon recoil when crouching.
* It is now possible to sprint when using an ironsight view.
* Even small hand injuries now cause some weapon trembling.
* Heavy breathing will cause increased weapon trembling.
* AI characters now use the "walking with rifle" animation when appropriate.
* The "NEXT WAYPOINT" command has been implemented for any selected unit - not just the player-commanded vehicle.
* A server can kick players from the "Players" dialog.
* A warning message box will be shown in the server briefing if all players are not ready.
* Blood now appears before an injury is critical.
* Titles were shown at unlimited distance - distance is now limited to 100m.
* The ability to create user-defined actions has been introduced.
* The crash info file context.bin contains more information: CPU registers and version info are saved.
* Squad pictures and titles are now shown on client machines.
* New support and checks for add-ons, referenced to version number.
*Read the readme text file included for complete list!

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