Operation Thunderstorm v1.01a English Patch


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Thanks to Jupiter EX, used previously in the famous F.E.A.R., Operation Thunderstorm offers never seen before special effects, graphics and enemy AI. The game begins in 1942. The British government decides to carry out one of the most risky operations of WWII. The targets are the most important persons of the Third Reich. After months of intelligence gathering, the MI6 has selected three people, whose chance of extermination are greater than zero.
These are:
• Joseph Goebbels - Nazi propaganda minister;
• Heinrich Himmler - leader of the SS and creator of concentration camps;
• Herman Goering - co-founder of the Gestapo and commander of the Luftwaffe.
Operation Thunderstorm begins...
• Photorealistic graphics and excellent music, supported by the Jupiter EX engine, used in famous F.E.A.R.
• 9 extremely playable levels, providing hours of fantastic playtime.
• Diverse missions in a small French town, Himmler's castle in Germany and a secret mine complex in Owl Mountains.
• Realistic weapons: Luger P08, Sten, MP40, Kar98, Stg44, Panzerfaust, Grenade, Stielhandgranate, MG42

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