Painkiller 1.15 Patch


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This patch updates the retail version of Painkiller to version 1.15. The new patch includes a new map, new warmup options, demo recording, and more.

Multiplayer improvements and fixes:

* NEW: new map, DM_Cursed
* NEW: full warmup mode for TDM and PCF modes, partial warmup for FFA/TLB/Voosh
* NEW: demo recording and playback incl. time control (slow down/speed up)
* NEW: spectator mode with 3 different views: FPS/TPP/Free
* NEW: voting system, including map change, kickbans, etc.
* NEW: server info incl. map/mode/fps/etc.
* NEW: "Disconnect" option in the menu
* CHANGE: improved respawning logic
* CHANGE: BrightSkins are On by default now
* CHANGE: players can now play LAN sessions with no access to the Internet
* CHANGE: redesigned items/respawns on several maps
* FIX: teamskins are now correctly displayed for the new players
* FIX: exploding barrels now correctly remove frags from the dead player instead of adding them to the enemy
* FIX: SayTeam now works correctly
* FIX: fake model exploit removed
* FIX: ElectroDriver autoaim exploit removed

Single-Player improvements and fixes:

* NEW: benchmarking system for both graphic cards and processors
* NEW: patching system with supporting .dat files
* CHANGE: Demon Morph frags now more spectacular
* CHANGE: players can bind all keys now (like numpad Enter etc.)
* CHANGE: CD start-up dialogues improved
* FIX: script error when the player kills PsychoElectro on the electric chair
* FIX: Babel's stones now always hurt the player
* FIX: numerous smaller bugs

Also implemented in the Painkiller 1.15 Update is some experimental forward-looking prediction code. As the name suggests, it's in the early stages of development, but may help some players - especially those with high ping - to achieve smoother game play. There are known issues with this code (eg. ragdolls move too quickly, code starts behaving incorrectly after longer periods of play, etc.) but it's in a state that allows some experimentation.

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