Panzer Corps Patch v1.13


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The v1.13 update contains numerous improvements to the UI and the controls and features new modding possibilities. This update also includes some language fixes, adds new units and fixes the Tileset.

Change Log:

• Tileset
o Mud/snow versions of ports are updated to match dry version
o Fixed jungle tiles showing as clear (in British India scenario)
o Other minor fixes
• Equipment file
o New units added: V1 Flying Bomb, V2Rocket, Go-229 Flying Wing Fighter,
Arado E-555 Strategic Bomber, Arado Ar-234 Tactical Bomber
o Adjusted costs of Sahariana and Chevy recon units
• UI and controls
o Minor adjustments in turn splash screen: scenario name is added to information
shown; more screen space is used for victory conditions
o Number of units in reserve is now shown as N+B, where N is the number of
normal units, and B is the number of bonus units.
o Prestige tooltip in the main UI now includes per-turn prestige bonus.
o Unit's battle history now includes unit upgrades.
o It is now possible to deploy paratroopers in the air or on the ground, using the
ground/air switch.
o Actual ground state is now shown during deploy phase.
o When both movement and attack is possible to a certain hex, the player can now
choose movement or attack using ground/air switch.
o On scenario result screen Enter now means "proceed" and "Esc means "view
o Once spotted, immobile structures remain spotted on the map even if there are no
units spotting them (like minefields).
o Sort order in the unit list is tweaked: now SE units are always shown after
"normal" units.
o Added hotkey for Switch: W
o On briefing/debriefing screen Enter can be used to close the screen (except when
there is a choice of the next scenario).
o In the scenario result screen Decisive victory, marginal victory and Loss now use
different images.
o The game no longer counts carriers when calculating dangerous hexes for strategic
• Modding
o Weather action now includes sandstorms.
o It is now possible to add new custom movement types.
o Prestige condition added (via Map condition, choose "Axis prestige" or "Allied
prestige" from the list)
o New unit traits: "camo" (unit is hard tospot, like a minefield), "captureflag"
(inverts predefined class ability to capture flags: infantry/tank/recon/AT lose it,
other classes gain it), "kamikaze" (unit diesafter attack), "missile" (air unit does
not refuel on friendly airfields)
• Other
o Added "dice chess" cheat. Similar to "chess", but there is a certain limited
randomization of combat results (unit's chance to hit and suppress can vary +-20%
from its normal value).
o German localization of Africa campaign is included with this update.
o Added german Manual to german localization.
o Replaced russian Editor manual doc with pdf.
o Fixed the issue with ground units sometimes deploying on the water without
o Various small fixes inrussian localization.

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